Effects of Alcoholism on Relationships

If you begin a relationship with someone who drinks heavily, think long and hard about your feelings.  Are you in it for the long haul?  Because having a relationship with an alcoholic affects every aspect of your life, together and separate.

If you are married to or in love with someone who heavily drinks, you may find yourself having a financial hardship.  When it comes time to pay the bills, money may have been spent on drinking instead or your partner may have called in to work in order to stay home and drink and therefore did not work enough hours to cover the monthly expenses.

Another effect of alcoholism is severe lifestyle changes.  The partner doing the drinking no longer cares to go out and do things but spends most of his time drinking.  He does not want to go out for dinner and a movie because it will take away from his drinking time.  He does not like going out with friends and family because he does not want them to see how much he may be drinking.  He literally becomes a hermit because all he wants to do is sit home and drink, and drink, and drink.

effects alcohol relationship Effects of Alcoholism on Relationships

The partner doing the drinking becomes moody and insensitive

The partner doing the drinking becomes moody and insensitive, even violent to the other person.  As he drinks more and more, it affects other areas of his life but instead of taking responsibility he in turn puts the blame on his partner or takes out his frustrations on her.  Alcohol has been directly or indirectly involved in more domestic violence cases than not.  Home becomes a battlefield as the alcoholic takes out his stress on the one who loves him the most.

It is easy to fall into a pattern of enabling your partner to drink as well.  As his world becomes all about  drinking and feeling numb, his partner is left to deal with everything else, shopping, running errands, paying the bills, cleaning the house and yard, dealing with the children and extended family members.  The alcoholic is free to indulge in his problem and the partner who does not drink no longer has a life.

The effects of alcoholism can be devastating to a relationship.  It is not something to be taken lightly.  Alcoholism ruins the lives of loved ones just as it does for those who do the drinking.  Only when the love ones take control of the situation and get the alcoholics to complete an effective rehab program that they will get their lives back.

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Article by Nick Hayes

Nick Hayes is a graduate of the Narconon drug rehab program in 2005. Nick takes much enjoyment in writing, and feels there needs to be more information about drugs and alcohol provided to the people of the world. He believes nobody should have to go through an addiction.
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  1. Guest says:

    During the last two months, I have met a guy in church, becoming friends, in the initial phases of flirting, and learned last night that he is a recovery addict from another friend. My father is died but was alcoholic and obsviously I know the “negatives” of the disease. I personally dealt with it by “not” ever drinking and not getting involved with anyone. I'm 52 (never married) and have only had one serious relationship for 4.5 years with a guy who turned out to drink heavily but would never admitted he had an issue.
    I'm scared to get involved but I don't want to continue to “retreat” from the world and possibly miss out on something that could be good if he is truly in a good place in his life and recovery is working for him.

  2. kathyquilt says:

    I am a 52 woman whose father was an alcoholic. I have dealt with it by being a responsible person who chose not to ever drink. I have secluded myself from relationships. I have had one serious relationship for 4.5 years and he also had a drinking issue. I have recently met a guy at church who I have clicked with, beginning to become friends, and learned last night from someone else that he is a recovering addict. I don't anything else; not sure “what” or “how long” in recovery. I'm scared that I am will retreat/withdraw from him and possibly miss out on a chance. Any suggestions?

  3. helpless says:

    i been dating a guy for 4 years whose an alcoholic.in the beginning he drank alittle and smoked but not as much or as open as he been doing these last 2 years. i was sooo in love with him i got pregnant on purpose against his will thinking he would change for the baby and we would live happily ever after.i been in enough relationships to know you cant change a man and never get pregnant by a man to keep him so what the heck is wrong with me.what i love about him is when hes not drinking or drinking as much hes gentle and caring.he will give me his last dollar.hes a great lover and very charming.hes easy going and we get along great.he tells me all the things i want to hear like being together forever and me not ever leaving him.how he loves me to the bottom of his heart.sounds like bull i know but hes known to be geniune and honest. when hes drinking he becomes a monster.totally different .he becomes very silly ,violent,and out of control.i do everything i can to stop his drinlking when im around .i take his keys,take his money,take his tags off his car and i pour every bit of beer and vodka in the sink.sometimes i tough it out and stay up all night dealing with him out of control until he finally goes to sleep and wakes realizing he has nothing to drink because i poured it out and becomes very mad and violent all over again.i find myself hurt and stressed from this and i go home crying.i keep going back to him cause i think he needs me and i want to help him.i love him so much im hurting myself by enabling him.its been like this my whole pregnancy.im scared because i know i made a mistake involving myself with him with an innocent life on its way in 3 months.hes put drinking before me and our baby and his family.oh yeah his also a big gambler with big dreams and empty pockets.i just cant leave him like he cant leave his alcohol..i guess we are both addicts.

  4. Cgleason73 says:

    Just lost a brother in 12/11 due to alcoholism, First husband destroyed himself from driving drunk and now current partner disrespects everything
    i loath the most in life and just drinks. drinks. drinks, unemployed so he drinks, cant see his kids and actually incarcerated briefly so…he drinks some more….how do I get him out of my house? Iv hinted…asked….even shamed him for his actions….he just drinks….????

  5. Guest says:

    “Only when the love ones take control of the situation and get the alcoholics to complete an effective rehab program that they will get their lives back.” — This is not even possible!!!!  The “love ones” of alcholics cannot make an alcoholic do anything…. and if they give control of thier life to the alcoholic then, no, they won’t ever get their life back.  They DO have a choice; though.  They can walk, no run, as far away as possible!!

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