Tell Tale Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Just like drugs, alcohol is equally detrimental to your body and can result in life altering consequences. Most often, people start out as casual or social drinkers but fail to realize when it turns into an addiction. The problem with alcoholism is the inability to stop drinking once you have started. It may have started as a way to relieve yourself of the stress of a bad breakup, loss of job etc. or it may have crept up as tolerance to it increases.

The following symptoms can tell you if you have a drinking problem:

real signs alcohol addiction Tell Tale Signs of Alcohol AddictionYou are neglecting responsibilities, continually performing badly at work or school, neglecting family and friends, get into conflict with people after getting drunk, get into trouble with law by breaking signals or drunken driving etc.

You know you are in trouble if alcohol takes up too much of your focus, your foremost priority in life is to get your pegs.

You are unable to quit and if you try you develop withdrawal symptoms like nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability, memory failings, fatigue and loss of appetite. You tend to get worked up or impulsive very easily.

Your relationships are being affected, you feel guilty about drinking and therefore try to lie or hide it, have difficulty in sleeping or insomnia, bad dreams, etc. You tend to have blackouts and temporary failure of memory. You tend to drink early in the morning. It curbs your inhibitions and makes you impulsive. You have landed yourself in a physically dangerous situation under influence. Constant craving and the inability to stop results in chronic dependence on drugs. You tend to lose interest in daily life and activities and interactions.

Malnutrition, loss of appetite and weight over a period of time are some other symptoms. You plan to quit but are unable to do so.

If you continue to drink despite all the hazards it is causing you and you can’t stop even after it has disrupted your entire life you need to realize you need professional assistance.

But you need to be clear about giving our cent percent to your treatment before signing up for it.

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Article by Nick Hayes

Nick Hayes is a graduate of the Narconon drug rehab program in 2005. Nick takes much enjoyment in writing, and feels there needs to be more information about drugs and alcohol provided to the people of the world. He believes nobody should have to go through an addiction.
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