Teenage Drinker

Brad Melnychuk teenage (2)

It was his 18th birthday; drinking age for his province. “Finally, I can get drunk legally!” he thought. He celebrated with his friends and drank more beer and rum than he ever had before. He wanted to drive home but couldn’t walk. He argued with his friends about who should drive. They weren’t in better […]

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Family member is an addict? Alcohol? Cocaine? Pain killers? Prescription drug?

Drug Addicted Life

Do you know anyone who seems addicted to Alcohol? Cocaine? Pain killers? Or they might be using another prescribed drug which is supposed to relieve the withdrawal symptoms of some different drug but then stay on that prescription one instead. These are common addicts and often live in your own household, or in your family […]

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An Alcoholic Husband, and His Wife

Walking away from alcoholic drug addict

Claude is an alcoholic; a drinker. His wife, Marie, attends Al-Anon meetings; to be with families of alcoholics because her husband drinks. Claude has often told Marie he has quit drinking. But he keeps a bottle hidden in the tool shed. She smells the liquor on his breath anyway. He goes out after work with […]

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Alcohol Addiction – The Compulsion to Drink, in Canada

Alcohol and Stress

Alcohol addiction and the compulsion to drink arise from emotional tension that is caused by a perception of stress. When a person is under pressure, and they are feeling stressed, it is always a result of conflicting demands that for one reason or another, they find it hard to prioritize. In Canada, the compulsion to drink is known as binge drinking, and the practice is widespread: see article from Statistics, Canada

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Lost Everything to Drinking

I started drinking when I was 19 years old because I started to hangout with the wrong people who told me that it was cool to do. At 20 years old I lost a lot that was ready to get its foundation layed. I also went through 2 cars that I crashed due to drinking […]

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A Friendly Warning about Drinking and Driving

I am writing this in hopes that someone will read it and think twice about drinking and driving.

I am twenty-five years old and I have been driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol for about ten years. I was arrested twice on D.U.I charges, which resulted in me losing my licence for five years, and doing time in jail.

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Narconon Canada Steps Up its Anti Drink Driving Campaign with New PSAs

Drug rehab and drug education non profit redoubles its offensive against drinking and driving in Canada TROIS-RIVIERES, Quebec – The drug rehabilitation centre and drug education non profit organization, Narconon, today steps up its anti drink driving campaign with the release of its new Public Service Announcement video “Drinking and Driving in Canada”. The video […]

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Staging an intervention for an alcoholic: Narconon Can Help

Narconon Intervention for Alcoholics

Rehab centers like Narconon, often help with staging an intervention for an alcoholic. Since they are trained in how to confront people with drug and/or alcohol issues, they are the best source of information. They can guide people though the steps of staging an intervention for an alcoholic. The first thing they will probably say is to gather family and friends together for a meeting without the alcoholic being present. This way, everyone is informed of the situation and what is about to occur. It will be very important for everyone to be clear on the rules that will be set forth, and also for everyone to remain firm about those rules.

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Narconon and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol addiction

Narconon has been helping people with alcohol addiction treatment for several decades. They continue to provide excellent rehabilitation with outstanding success rates. Alcoholic individuals, as well as loved ones, can call any time of the day or night to find out more information on the holistic treatment available at Narconon.

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How to Help an Alcoholic to Enter a Narconon Center or Other Rehabs?

When contemplating how to help an alcoholic, be prepared for some tough love, but be sure you are letting the alcoholic know that you do love them, even though they may not believe you. Try not to lose your temper, it only exacerbates the problem. You are doing the right thing, and as long as you keep that in mind, you will be achieving the first step in how to help an alcoholic. If possible, get help from a rehab center such as Narconon for affirmation. This is not an easy thing to do, and you will need a support system. It works best if all loved ones are involved in this process.

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