History of Opium part two 1800 – 1900


I covered the earlier years of opium history on an earlier blog. I found it really interesting to research and write about. I always thought that the opium problems were introduced by the Chinese. I was very mistaken. Lets explore some more of the history of Opium. If you will remember Queen Elizabeth the first […]

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Opium seed Pod

Opiates form such a large amount of our addictive drugs. I thought I would do an article on the history of opium. It has a very long history; in fact back to the stone age. In this article I will cover only up to the 1800s. Watch for part two of this history in later […]

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Get the Facts about Drugs

Prescription Drugs Addiction

Get the Facts about Drugs. Drugs stimulate your brain and make you feel high. Drugs are poisons. When taken into the body, it will modify one or more of its functions. A small amount acts as a stimulant. A greater amount acts as a sedative. A greater amount WILL KILL YOU. Know about what you […]

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A New Novel Idea for Drug Rehabilitation?

Into Rehab

I always thought that rehabilitation in terms of drugs meant to restore someone to what they were prior to their life of addiction.    The Encarta Dictionary says as definition: “Help somebody return to normal life” then “to help somebody to return to good health or a normal life by providing training or therapy.” Booking into […]

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Drugs and Nutrition…your way back to good health…

What are vitamins? Vitamins are found in minute quantities, in all natural foods. Vitamins are essential to a normal, functioning body and are essential to life. Our body is not able to manufacture vitamins by itself and relies on a natural diet or supplements for its supply. (1) A lot of people think that vitamins […]

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Khat that is harvested.

In the Horn of Africa and the lands surrounding the Red Sea for thousands of years Khat has been chewed.  It is a narcotic leaf and considered an ancient plant that grows in the area.  It is known to create euphoria in its users and is very much part of the culture in the areas […]

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The Flow of Dope..Marijuana…Pot…Grass…Weed…

Boston City Flow

I am not the first person to say it, and I certainly will not be the last person to say it. Marijuana is a drug, and it is addictive…but wait, what is that I hear; has anyone really died from using Marijuana, people can perform tasks better while smoking, it’s not as harsh as the […]

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Canada’s Substance Statistics 2004 and 2010

Drug Addicted Life

I found some rather interesting statistics on usage of substances and morbidity and mortality rates of illicit drug use in our country, Canada.  This was put out by the American Public Health Association Leaving the Drug Addicted Life A group of researchers in the US  got together to do a study.  They  came about with […]

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The Truth about Designer Drugs.

Synthetic Drugs

Designer drugs, synthetic pot, synthetic cocaine, ecstasy have been around for a short while. I found it alarming when I researched to find just how destructive it was, and that the governments of many countries are finding it very hard to combat. As early as 2010 the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s J Division, dealing in […]

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Drugs and Crime and Rehabilitation

Many Doctors Jailed for Causing death by prescription

I am currently an advisor to Narconon, Quebec. In so doing, I am in regular communication with staff and Narconon’s clients – often about their own lives. It’s a fantastic joy to watch someone break free of the chains of addiction and learn tools to build a better life. Back when I was in high […]

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