Helping a Brother to Get Off Drugs

Throughout the rest of the year 2008 my brother was detained 6 times by police for under the influence but was not eligible for rehab because they believed he also sold drugs. I looked for help

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Crystal Meth Drug Information

Crystal Meth is very addicting. This drug is not an expensive drug therefore, allowing people to become addicted. Addiction to Crystal Meth has increased over the years and looks like the statistics are climbing. This drug is very much accessible for all classes of people which make it one of the more popular drugs to abuse.

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“Smart Drugs” and College Students

The old days of all night cram sessions fueled by strong coffee and caffeine pills (or no-doz) are somewhat a thing of the past. College students of today are turning to a more potent source of stimulant, prescription medication. The medications being used are stimulants like adderall, Ritalin or other medications that are prescribed for ADD or ADHD. These “Smart drugs” are stimulants, they are amphetamines that help the students stay up all night and make them feel as if they retain more knowledge in a lesser amount of time while on the drugs.

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OTC Cough Syrup – DXM

Dextromethorphan (DXM), a synthetic drug with effects similar to morphine, the FDA as a cough suppressant approved it in 1954. Manufacturers developed and began using it in cough medicine in the 1970s as a cough suppressant that would be less addictive and have less side effects then the narcotic codeine, which had been used as the active ingredient in cough syrup up to this time.

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What is Oxycontin?

Oxycontin is a prescription medication used as a pain reliever. It comes in several dosages but with the rise in dependency on the drug, the highest dosage is no longer available in most areas. The time-release medication is meant to help a patient get through the pain of a physical ailment such as back pain or something else sustained in an accident of some kind. Unfortunately for some, this can lead to drug addiction.

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Crystal Meth Addiction Information

Crystal Meth is one of the fastest growing and dangerous drug addictions in the United States and Globally. Addiction to crystal meth happens very quickly because of the incredibly euphoric affect it has the first time it is used. Crystal meth claims more and more lives every year and for every person getting treatment there are many more who are not.

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Cocaine Addiction Information

Cocaine, like other drugs, takes little to have an affect at first. With the increasing amount of cocaine come the increasingly bad side effects. Beating cocaine addiction is not easy but many have proven that it can be done.

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Alcohol Addiction Information

Because drinking is socially acceptable, it isn’t always apparent right away that someone we know may have an alcohol addiction. Moderate alcohol is considered two drinks per day for men and one drink per day for women,

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The Hard Facts On Drugs – Antipsychotics

Grim Reaper

These drugs fall into a category all by themselves. Anti-psychotics can be very mentally and even physically destructive to a person. All anti-psychotics are psychoactive drugs, which are typically used to treat psychosis.

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Canada’s Million Dollar Online Pharmacies


Canada has had a reputation of providing online pharmacies where a person from foreign countries can buy cheap brand name drugs. Unfortunately, buying drugs online can lead a person to possibly buying counterfeit drugs, medicine that is too strong or too weak, drugs that are made in unsafe conditions, and drugs that are beyond the best before date.

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