Early Signs and Symptoms of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction is a problem throughout different areas of the world.  Going clean and getting off cocaine can be a long and hard journey.  Unfortunately, getting hooked on cocaine can happen in a very short time because it affects the central nervous system and gives a feeling of pleasure and ecstasy that hides the dangers of the drug.

cocaine addiction Early Signs and Symptoms of Cocaine AddictionHow can you tell if someone is addicted to cocaine?  There are many signs of cocaine addiction, both emotional and physical to watch out for.  Knowing what they are can help you determine if someone is addicted to cocaine, but be sure before you accuse because some symptoms overlap with others that are based on a real medical condition.  Once you are sure, sit the person down and in a gentle but firm way, have a discussion about what you have seen.

Dilated pupils are one of the most common signs of cocaine use.  If you know the person has not just come from an eye exam, then chances are the dilated eyes are caused by drug use.  Notate some of the signs and symptoms you are seeing, do a little research and then quickly try to get your friend or family member the help he needs.

If the person is a teenager, you can quickly see signs of cocaine addiction by behavior patterns.  Grades could plummet, friendships altered and changed, not caring how he or she looks for school.  Anyone who has a teenager knows that not caring about appearance is a red flag with these young people.  If you see changes in appearance and/or behavior, get involved and get to the bottom of whatever is going on.  If there are no drugs involved, this is a relief, but you need to be tuned into your child anyway.  If it is cocaine or another drug problem, the faster you get your teen help, the better off he or she is.

Crack cocaine addiction symptoms are harder to read, but they can be seen if you are paying attention.  Crack is smoked and therefore the addict becomes a non-stop talking machine full of nervous energy.  Cocaine addiction and signs that someone is doing it can be harder to tell if you are not familiar with drug addiction, but the signs eventually come out.  Staying tuned in to your teen or other loved one helps you notice the symptoms faster and helps you help him or her more quickly, possibly even saving their life.

If your loved one is showing signs of change, whether physically or emotionally, get involved and see what the problem is.  It may be something simple, it may be an illness or it may be signs of a cocaine addiction problem.  All three situations need your attention.  The quicker you get involved the better for all concerned, especially your loved one. Get cocaine addiction treatment now!

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Article by Nick Hayes

Nick Hayes is a graduate of the Narconon drug rehab program in 2005. Nick takes much enjoyment in writing, and feels there needs to be more information about drugs and alcohol provided to the people of the world. He believes nobody should have to go through an addiction.
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  1. Gloria_mesta says:

    When a cocaine addict attempts withdrawal from the use of the drug, the immediate signs that are seen are paranoia, confusion, impulsiveness, hallucinations, hyperactivity and agitation in many types of cancer. The physical symptoms of cocaine withdrawal may include nausea, abdominal cramps, fever, diarrhea, exhaustion and chills. Insomnia, ennui, disorientation, depression, muscle pains and irresistible craving for cocaine are the other effects a cocaine addict feels once he tries to attempt cocaine detoxification

  2. SIMON says:

    this may sound bad i had too fight my best friend. it was brutal but find the source of why they are using and how. long story short my friends family sent him to live with relatives in Saudi Arabia.

  3. narconontr says:

    Start clearing up all the wrong doing’s you have against your son, write them out in as much detail as possible, and keep writing until you feel better. Start with the time, when it happened, where it happened, and what was the event that took place, and the end result, in as much detail as possible. (you can burn it all when you are done) Once you have done this, ask your son what is needed and wanted from him as a son, and have him write this down, and have your son ask what is needed and wanted from you, and you write this down. This way, you will both know what each other needs and wants as father and son. Start there, you will see communication may improve, you will start sharing the same reality, and some affinity will start to grow. Let me know what happens.

  4. bunny says:

    So in other words the person will act as if he/ she has

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