How Can I Control My Drug Addiction?

One of the most difficult things about drug use is that addiction is so easy but breaking the habit is another story. The term addiction in a sense means that a person has reached a point where the drug controls them and they no longer control the drug. There is no way to take control back but to get the drug out of the body.

how can I control my drug addiction How Can I Control My Drug Addiction?In order to completely control the addiction, natural detoxification as well as counseling and therapy are usually successful. Holistic treatment is just that; it treats the body, mind and spirit. Since drugs affect all of these parts of a person’s life, they must all be treated. To only treat one aspect simply has a band-aid effect.

Controlling drug addiction means beating it. If someone who is addicted were able to, say, take only one pill a day, they would. The problem is, being addicted makes that near impossible. An addicted person’s body and mind craves the drug to the point where they need more and more. There is no half way in beating addiction, it is all or nothing. The problem is, if nothing is done it normally leads to a ruined life and it could possibly be a death sentence.

There are many addicts who have tried to control their addiction by cutting down on the amount and although their efforts were sincere, they failed. If someone really wants to take control, they have to take control back from the drug and rid themselves of it. Addiction can be beat. It isn’t easy and it is near impossible to do alone. With the right help, a happier life could be possible.

An addict makes that first choice to try a drug and from then on, the drug takes over and controls them. That is why the easiest way to control addiction is not to get addicted in the first place. Any drug, either prescription or recreation should be regarded with care. There are addicts who got started on drugs because they were first prescribed by a physician. With recreation drugs, it is just a bad choice. If you don’t do them, you won’t become addicted. If you already are addicted, seek professional help from a holistic rehabilitation center. The addict is the only one who can truly make things right by deciding they want a better life by going through rehabilitation.

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  1. Eric Dunbar says:

    I agree with you 100% when you say that there is no way to control your drug addiction except getting the drug out of the body.

    I was addicted to crack cocaine for a total of twelve years, and during the entire span of my addiction, I like many other addicts tried desperately to control my addiction, to no avail. I went to rehab but when I returned home I found myself smoking crack within a matter of days.

    Nothing happened for me until I got sick and tired of being sick and tired. In other words, I made up my mind to quit smoking crack and I stuck with it. Oh yes, it was difficult, and I did slip up several times, but I got back up and tried again. It has been almost seventeen years since I smoked crack.

    If you're addicted to anything understand that your freedom is a choice that only you can make.

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