Developmental Effects on a Child Born to Drug Addiction

Being addicted to drugs is rough and can be a hard battle to win, but it can be won. However, being addicted to drugs while pregnant can be a battle someone innocent never should have to fight.  If you find yourself pregnant while under drug addiction, be open and honest with your doctor.  Tell him immediately because the development effects of children born to drug addiction can be permanent.

What should a woman do if she finds herself addicted to drugs and pregnant?

She should do everything in her power to stop taking drugs.  It has long been known that whatever a woman takes in pregnancy will almost always cross over to the unborn child.

child drug addiction 300x201 Developmental Effects on a Child Born to Drug AddictionAlcoholic mothers greatly increase their baby’s risk of alcoholics developing Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  Children born to women battling drug addiction are not only at risk of become dependent on drugs.  They can have a smaller birth weight.  They can have problems with sleeping and with developing mentally which is a catch-22 if a mother is drug addicted because she can also abuse the child due to her own psychological problems, high expectations and lack of patience.

Other developmental problems include not being good at interacting socially with other children their ages, whether as toddlers or school-age children.  Their language skills, their comprehension, learning how to share and take part in a social environment; all of these are more difficult for a child who has been damaged before birth by a mother’s drug addiction.

Behavioral problems, both in the child and in the drug addicted parent, makes things especially hard on the child.  A drug addicted parent should be taught how to focus on the child and how to become a good parent, starting with monitoring and detox as soon as possible under the medical care of a physician.

A child born to a drug addicted mother has most likely become addicted too.

If it has been established that a child’s development has been affected, much can be done to correct it, or deal with it in ways that can help the child learn and progress more effectively.   If you are pregnant and on drugs or alcohol, then the best thing you can do as a parent is to get help immediately, not just for yourself but for your child as well.

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Article by Nick Hayes

Nick Hayes is a graduate of the Narconon drug rehab program in 2005. Nick takes much enjoyment in writing, and feels there needs to be more information about drugs and alcohol provided to the people of the world. He believes nobody should have to go through an addiction.
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  1. bobbynewman says:

    Hey Nick good job I always like to see what you have to say. Please add our site, Huge NN supporters

  2. Nick Hayes says:

    Thanks for the support, keep up the good work!!!!

  3. J Bacon says:

    Medication and behavioral therapy, especially when combined, are important elements of an overall therapeutic process that often begins with detoxification, followed by treatment and relapse prevention. The following link may be useful for information.

  4. diannerudd says:

    Hi, I was hoping someone may be able to give me some tips on how to positively disipline my seven year old step son who was born with problems from his mothers use of a few different drugs – dope, meth, oxy's and alcahol-
    He's a bright boy learns quick and etc but will not accept losing or not being the boss no matter how we have tried to disipline him over four years, he is actually getting worse and is physically violent at most times where he will punch me or others in the head or spine.
    I've exhausted every avenue for assistance here, including child protection services , local and federal parliment.

  5. Brenda says:

    Hi Diane, There is a program called 123 Magic which may help. You can check it out online. My younget grandaughter was very aggressive and angry when she came to us and had come from a similar background. I happy to say she is now a well adjusted happy little monkey. She still has her off days but they are few and far between. Good luck.

  6. Eve-Marie says:

    I am a licensed therapist and the Magic 1-2-3 program does work. I,too, and an adoptive mother of two children born to addicted birth mothers. This program works as long as the parents are consistent.

  7. BlakeKirkpatrick says:

    If you are involved in a custody dispute and you will be involved in a child custody evaluation, speak with your attorney about the process that you and your child custody issues children will be subjected to. Be prepared and open and provide all of the information that is requested of you. Most of all, find out what you are able to say to the children to prepare them for the interviews that they will have to attend.

  8. Candygirl0802 says:

    I am in the process of getting two children from a cousin who is crack addicted we are not sure but expect that the youngest baby who is 1yr old was born while her mother was using. What effect will this have on her development being so young? The other child is 2yr old and although she may have been clean during his birth, he has been exposed to her drug use, should I be concerned with any drug dependancy behavior with him as well? I am going from no children to two over night any advice would be helpful.

  9. Larryjose53 says:

    Argent treatment can recover from health decay. So its necessary to looking abut it. n

  10. Kozment says:

    There are several things to consider, first you have to realize that your childs good times would rank about where your bad times rank, and his bad times are way off the scale. Second you have to treat them like you would any other addict, with truth and teaching them a the results of their actions. Understand that no matter how normal your child may seem, he is still an addict and his brain does nt function like a normal person, or non-addict.u00a0Educate yourself to the steps you need in dealing with an addict and realize most of his actions come from dealing with something he has no clue how to deal with, it’s your job to teach him.

  11. desperate teacher says:

    Hi, I have a 13 year old student whom I originally thought is ADHD.  After I requested for him to be assessed for ADHD, the pyschologist discovered that he may not be ADHD afterall because his mother confessed to being on heroin when she was pregnant with him.  I would like to know more about how to help the boy.  His parents are both still in prison and his 80 year old grandmother, who is looking after him and his 6 year old brother, can’t take good care of him.  Please advice.

  12. rexna says:

    Hi, i am an adoptive mother of a little boy whose mom took herion and crack while pg…we got our son when he was 2 days old and the crying and fussing were mild…but now he is 4 and he is agressive(since around 18 months)..has very short attention very smart already is adding and subtracting but will not sit still or follow thru on directions..avoids eye contact and gets angry easy…could you give me more info on the magic 123 that you are refering to and what to look for so we can help this little guy grow up healthy and happy…any advise would be appricated..thank you

  13. narconontr says:

    Thank you for the comment, i understand it is very difficult to see this happening to your granddaughter. If you get a chance, try taking her for walks, play a game with her, point out things along her walk and ask her to look at that, tell you what she see’s, describe it, colors, shape etc. Keep going for a walk and keep pointing things out for her to look at it and describe it. At the very least right now it will get her attention in the here and now. Let me know how it works. Please keep in touch.

  14. narconontr says:

    Thank you for sharing this and pointing out a very major problem. Un-born children can not fight back, and we need to continue supporting happy mothers for happy and healthy children.

  15. Vanessa says:

    It’s an remarkable post in favor of all the web viewers;
    they will obtain advantage from it I am sure.

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