Help for Families of Drug Addicts

With drug addiction, the person with the addiction is not the only one who suffers. It has long been known that everyone involved with that person is touched in some way by the addiction and it usually is not in a good way. Drug addictions are powerful situations and they tend to drag people into the despair and hurt surrounding the addiction. The addict may be the only one taking the drug, but he or she is not the only one suffering. It used to be that everyone focused on the drug addict and worked to solve their problems while the loved ones and families were left to deal with it themselves. Thankfully, those times have changed.

Not only are family members encouraged to attend therapy sessions with the addict but they are encouraged to seek relief for themselves.helping families Help for Families of Drug Addicts Having a loved one with a drug addiction puts the family on an emotional roller coaster ride that sometimes lasts for years. It is only natural that the family would be affected by the drug abuse. Family members need to work out the emotions that they have gone through so that they do not end up harboring guilt over their loved one’s addictions. While the addict was in blissful denial about the addiction, the family members were left to suffer the consequences of it. They often take the brunt of the anger and temper tantrums, they have often had money stolen from them by the addict and have more often than not been lied to on numerous occasions. Those are all emotionally upsetting situations. It has been suggested that addiction run in families because of the stress put on the non-addicts which reaches the breaking point and they too turn to drugs or alcohol to ease the stress.

Before this happens, it is best to seek help and in these days, there is a lot of help for family members of drug addicts. Family members have suffered enough and they deserve to unload some of the negative energy and emotion that comes with living with a drug addict. A family member should never concentrate so much on the recovery of their loved one that they neglect their own needs. Like the addict, family members suffer physically, mentally and spiritually and over time, that can break a person down. Helping the addict is fine, but family members need to take care of themselves as well.

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Article by Nick Hayes

Nick Hayes is a graduate of the Narconon drug rehab program in 2005. Nick takes much enjoyment in writing, and feels there needs to be more information about drugs and alcohol provided to the people of the world. He believes nobody should have to go through an addiction.
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  1. Ali says:

    I have been struggling with the addition of my fiancee for the past 7 years and I am at that point where I am beginning to doubt my own decisions. I consistently continue to allow him back into my life and after throwing him out on almost every one of his relapses, I find myself having to let him back in the house as no one else will. I feel trapped. I doubt everything he tells me… everything he says he will do… I have tried to control his situation and I am losing my own battle.

    I am also beginning to doubt my love for him by starting to think that I just pity him, but I would be lying to myself … he is a great man when he is not under the influence.

    I have been looking for relief of my own pain and I have been trying to do that by showing my anger at him and I just don;t know what else is there for me to do.

    I used to be a happy woman regardless of my own small everyday problems… Now I go to sleep with my keys and bank card in my pocket and usually always in tears.


  2. Fran Mann says:

    Talking about how families can help is critical as the drug addiction, at its very core, is about feeling unloved. I saw a documentary recently on ibogaine treatment and how it involves the family. What does everyone think about ibogaine? I know people are unsure and the law is not clear on it, but it seems to make sense in that the ibogaine detox process seems to create a strong aversion for the person toward drug use. It's almost impossible to help a family member until the detox is done successfully, but we can help them through the ibogaine- what do you think?

  3. nony says:

    Is there an on-line forum or something where we can talk to people if we’ve been victims of an addict?

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