How To Help a Drug Addict

help drug addict quit How To Help a Drug Addict

If you know anyone who is addicted to drugs, the first thought is to get them help. To reach out to them and save them from the downward spiral that has become their life.

Many of us who have a friend or loved one struggling with addiction want to help, but don’t always know how.   Our intentions are the best, but for those who have never struggled with addiction problems, it’s hard to comprehend the struggle that the addict goes through on a daily basis, much less how to help them.

One thing we have to understand is that the addiction is theirs, and we can’t ‘fix’ or ‘cure’ it.  The choice is always theirs, but for those struggling with addiction that have decided to seek help, there are things we can do to help encourage and support them.

Some days will be more difficult than others.  Even after going through rehab and being clean for a while, the struggle is there.  Sometimes the urge can become overwhelming, so encouraging your friend/loved one to become involved in a 12-step program can help with the daily struggle. Being able to connect with people who have been there and understand the urges and can offer support can be crucial to their recovery.

Encourage the drug addict to avoid all contact with friends who also had addiction or other problems.   This may be difficult for the addict, especially if their entire circle of friends were addicts, but avoiding ANY contact will help avoid the addict coming in contact with the drugs and being tempted.  Most addicts who don’t break their former ties with other addicts eventually start using again.

If the addict hasn’t already been, encourage them to get into a reputable rehab program that will help them detox and also start the recovery process.  Information for your area can be found on the Internet and also in your telephone books yellow pages.

Invite the person to get involved with new activities. Things can be extremely overwhelming when trying to beat addiction with literally everything in the person’s life changing.   Encourage them to explore new interests and hobbies, such as photography, sports, painting, or any activity that will bring them enjoyment and help them rebuild their new life.

Probably one of the biggest things you can do is to let the person know that you are there for them.  Offer your support and encouragement, letting them know that you are there for them when they need to talk, even if that means a call at three in the morning.  While you can’t stop them from using if the urge hits them, you can let them know they can count on you to be there to help them through those difficult times that they are going to encounter, and that will help them in overcoming their drug addiction.

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Article by Nick Hayes

Nick Hayes is a graduate of the Narconon drug rehab program in 2005. Nick takes much enjoyment in writing, and feels there needs to be more information about drugs and alcohol provided to the people of the world. He believes nobody should have to go through an addiction.
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  1. Mike says:

    thanks for the post!
    One of the main reasons for relapse, other than being an addict, is when the recovering addict gets bored. Finding new and interesting things can be difficult and there is a fine line for loved ones because they can sometimes come across as being a ‘nag.’ However, this should not discourage the loved one from wanting to help.

  2. crystal says:

    i was trying to find some type of support group that helps the family, my husband is going to a rehab program. but he has been treating me and the kids so bad. i just feel like leaving him and giving up.

  3. didi2 says:

    I have been dating my boyfreind for about 8 month and I put it together that he is doing Cocaine. He has been on and off with it for the last 5 yrs. It sounds more recreational and he is definitely a functional addict. He just got a new job working for his Dad making more money. He wants to get help but doesn't want to enter rehab. Any suggestions? Also I want to be there for him but not sure if exactly how. For example he keeps wanting to come over and stay the night which I have said no as of now but not sure thats the best thing

  4. Bella_rissa18 says:

    I have a finacee who has gone to rehab, he went 21 days and felt an improvment and wanted to come home. He was doing so amazing when he came home and little by little strated to down fall. he has had a couple of slip ups here and there. I want to support him the best way that i can , I even suggest about N A meeting and i would go with him and support him the whole way. Is there any advice you could give me to make me a better supporter for him?

  5. Crysta,

    I would check out the local support groups, your family doctor, or a AA or NA group will have contacts for family support groups.

  6. Bella_rissa18

    The best thing for your fiancee is to take as much responsibility for this as he can, meaning if he falls down he has to pick himself back up. You can always be there for him to point him in the right direction and show him the doors, but really, only he can completely beat this. Support from loved one, family, and friends is very beneficial, but try to avoid attempting to take responsibility for this yourself. Keep supporting him to go to meetings and take on new hobbies and interests.

  7. didi2

    Are you still experiencing the same problems with your boyfriend? If so, please let me know and I can provide some advice. I would recommend to continue to suggest drug treatment, even counseling will help in aspects.

  8. Kim says:

    My husband is a drug addict. We have been married for 17 years and we have been separated several times during those 17 years do to his drug abuse. His abuse of drugs goes from alcohol to pain pills to illegal drugs such as cocaine or meth. His mom and dad are in denial and his brother helps contribute to his use of drugs because he is an addict too. I need help on how to help him before he kills himself or lands in jail again. You would think after 17 years of this I would of come up with a solution but I haven't. I love him and want to help him but feel I am all alone in this since his family does not want to join in to do anything. I don't want to watch what he is doing to his life or body anymore because I just know that one day I will get a call telling me he has either overdosed or has gone to jail again maybe for the last time. How could I tell our daughter that about her dad it would break her heart. Any help or suggestions would be so appreciated. Thanks for listening.

  9. Smward2361 says:

    I am married to a recovering addict, he assulted me and went to prison. he has been home for 8 months now and blames me for going to prison and losing his car to repo because I called the police. He has blamed me since he has come home I finally left him. I hope and pray one day he takes responsibility and makes ammend to me any suggestions

  10. Rocca1979 says:

    a friend of mine is trying to get out of his addiction and looking forward to detox. all his roomates are addicts and I feel I have to get him out of there… I don’t know how much rehab costs or if he could pay for it. I don’t have money and we aren’t family. I would rather have him stay at my house, but although he’s not aggressive, I have two small children and I don’t think it’s good for them to have a guy detoxing at the house.
    all his family lives in other states… I don’t know where to start to help him… but I know he is ready to get out and that he needs my help…
    Please help!

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