Process of Overcoming a Drug Addiction

While there are many different methods and treatments for overcoming drug addiction; it is best to go with those with the best track record.  No drug rehab facility can promise 100% success rate but some come very close. Drug addiction overcomes a person physically, mentally and spiritually and that is exactly how the addiction must be overcome.  Referred by many as the “holistic approach”, this method uses natural procedures to rid the body of the drug and also empowers the individual with techniques to help them to get rid of their addiction and to stay off of their addiction.  The mind, body and spirit must all be treated since they are all affected by the drug use.

overcoming drug addiction Process of Overcoming a Drug Addiction

One of the first things that has to happen is to rid the body of the drug.  There are natural ways of helping the body to do this such as using sauna. At the same time, teaching the addict techniques to regain control over their body and emotions are also used.  Teaching lifelong skills so that they may prevent future addictions is also useful in overcoming a drug addiction.  Empowering the addict with any tool available increases the chances that they will not only get clean of the drug, but stay clean.  It is not so much a band-aid as it is an arsenal for a drug free life.

Overcoming a drug addiction may not always be easy but there are new techniques that make it less stressful and also more expedient getting the toxins out of the body. The more information available to the recovering addict, the better off they will be.  Knowledge is power and knowing as much about ourselves as we can, will prevent future falls of any nature.  So, ridding the body of the drug and other toxins would be a primary goal. Learning about the psychology of addiction would be next along with teaching skills to prevent future relapses. Empowering through spirituality is another successful method used in drug rehab.

Inpatient treatment is always preferred when possible.  Having the help needed 24/7 can mean the difference between success and failure in drug addiction.  How long the stay will be has many determining factors but the optimum is to stay until you feel confident that the treatment has been successful.  This decision will often be made between the addict and the counselor.

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Article by Nick Hayes

Nick Hayes is a graduate of the Narconon drug rehab program in 2005. Nick takes much enjoyment in writing, and feels there needs to be more information about drugs and alcohol provided to the people of the world. He believes nobody should have to go through an addiction.
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  1. Mike says:

    Thanks for the post.

    I liked the line about “The more information available to the recovering addict, the better off they will be.” It is very true, and first things first…getting rid of the toxins so the addict is clear enough to understand what the psychological part of the damage is.

  2. Momlovesyou, I understand where you are coming from, it is a very difficult situation to be in.u00a0 You want to help your son and guide him in the right direction; if you truly want to do this with him, I would recommend the both of you attend a family NA meeting, or go see a family counselor whom works with addiction.u00a0 I would also recommend your son to work on his thing as well, you can only help him so far, he has to be able to re-discover his purpose again, and the joy he gets out of life.u00a0 This can really only be done by talking to the professionals in the field, who may be able to help him nail down the real reasons he started using and give him some new life skills.u00a0 When a person uses drugs for so long, they lose sight of the life skills they were given, and abilities they have to over come barriers.u00a0 These are all still there, but your son has to rediscover them.u00a0 You will never stop loving him, but please remember you can only take him so far, some responsibility has to fall on him to sort things out.u00a0 You can find meetings and local counseling online, through local churches, medical clinics, and family doctors.u00a0 Please contact us at any time if we can be of any further assistance.u00a0

  3. Aka_patni69 says:

    i have a relation with a boy and i love him so much but now a days he was depressed and for some reason i did not contact with him for four days then when i came back and phoned him he said to me that he was addicted then some how i manage it and he over come from this problem but now for his doubt attitude we break up our relation but still now i am too much frustade about his taking drugs.what should i do? i am sure that he return back his addicted life and i want that he get rid of this problem forever.please help me if you can.

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