Canada’s War on Drugs, More of the Same?

A Canadian  federal crime bill was given royal assent two weeks ago.  Mandatory minimum sentences are to be a provision of the new federal crime bill.  It leads one to question the effectiveness of this bill.  It has already been found to be unsuccessful in other countries that have adopted the whole “war on drugs” attitude and punished the users with jail sentences.  When do governments start looking towards statistics and trends before deciding to go ahead and do something that will cost tax payers a lot of money?

war on drugs 300x199 Canadas War on Drugs, More of the Same?In question period, Bob Rae was already calling it a “failed policy, a jail policy”.  This likely is true.  It seems to me that when you penalize like that the situation goes underground, and all sorts of other social problems arise.  As pointed out by a number of health ministers from provinces, says Huffington Post, there is evidence that a bunch of other problems arrive.  Health issues and the rise of drug violence.  This doesn’t control drugs.

Dr. Robert Strang is one of the authors of a new report that says the current war on drugs simply isn’t working.   School-based prevention programs don’t work and that we need to look at more treatment programs and safe injection sites.

He further relates  “Our current approach is costing us billions of dollars; it’s not really achieving anything. It hasn’t controlled drug use.” (atlantic.ctv)

drug addiction prison 201x300 Canadas War on Drugs, More of the Same?“It’s a health issue, it’s a medical issue, it’s not a criminal justice issue,” says Strang. “They need and deserve our care and treatment, not just to be locked up in prison.”

I tend to take the same stance as Dr. Strang, however, I would make one distinction.  Addiction is very much a body situation, a craving of the body.  Drugs actually strip the body of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that it needs to survive well.  Drugs cause various body problems as well.  Much would be gained by solving the problems caused by the drugs by giving of supplements and dealing with the body issues in a sane way.

One of our health ministers suggested that we work on methadone maintenance programs which have proven effective.  That to me is debatable.  If this was working then addicts would not be returning time and time again to go through rehab.  Methadone is not a cure for addiction.

Further Dr. Strang is correct, the school based drug information programs that are being offered by governments and police agencies do not work.   It is really good to get drug education that strips the lies out of the information and the myths.  So the kids are faced with the facts.  It is best done by former addicts that are their own age.

Regardless, it is important before implementing something that is going to cost the tax payers a lot of money to gather statistics on the same or similar programs.  Take a look at what has been tried in other places and countries, and what the net outcome was.  Did the drug usage go up, or go down.

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Article by Dianne Gariepy

Dianne Gariepy is a mother of a large family, now grown, and grandmother of 9, soon to be 11 grandchildren. Dianne is very concerned about our food today. She would like to see GMOs stomped out completely and recommends organic food to everyone. The body needs food to eat and use as energy to repair itself, not something that is "roundup ready". She has much interest in drug rehabilitation that is done in a chemical free way, with natural supplements. Dianne is an award winning oil painter and has a following for her creations. She also is writing a book of short stories, is currently on story four of six. Her stories border upon fantasy and science fiction, although science was never her strong suit. She is known in the Edmonton area for her sense of humor, and is known to do the odd comedy routine at Church functions and group gatherings.
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