Krokodil, a Fatal Drug

Actualite 08A Krokodil, a Fatal DrugWestern Europe, more precisely Germany, has now inherited another drug. It is known as krokodil crocodile or (its official name being desomorphine) and is a new drug that has been devastating Russia since 2002. Authorities in the field are warning people on the damage that this drug can cause. This drug is in fact used as a substitute for heroin.

Crocodile Is Now In Canada!

Crocodile has now been introduced in Canada. Certain social workers in Ontario have noticed that some addicts had turned to crocodile as it is a lot cheaper than heroin.

Most of the addicts claim that they will only turn to crocodile if and only if they cannot get their hands on heroin or oxycontin. But this is even more dangerous since OxyContin has been banned in Ontario. This means that there is higher risk of them ending up on crocodile and this drug becoming a serious problem for the province and even all of Canada. Crocodile is an unforgiving drug; Crocodile addicts have an average life expectancy of 2 or 3 years!

Warning: This Drug Can Kill After the First Injection

The high rates of impurities and acidity found in the makeup of krokodil brings about a chain reaction of devastating physical effect. First off, the skin tissues die and changes into what looks like green scales, which resembles the skin of a crocodile. At which point the flesh start to decompose, the organs are being affected and the actual bones also start decomposing.

The mental effects of this drug, however, disappear after about two hours, which means that the addict will use the drug several times a day.

Regular krokodil users have a life expectancy seriously reduced. The users will rarely live more than 3 years, and many of them actually die after only one year.

In Russia, according to official reports, there are at least 100,000 young people addicted to krokodil. However, some associations estimate that this number is more likely in the range of 1 million, with an alarming death rate.

This drug first arrived at the German border, where several Russian communities can be found. Certain people went for consultations with emergency doctors in the city of Bochum because some of their skin tissue started to die, creating these “scales” associated with crocodile. These patients were certain that they had bought heroin when they bought drugs from a dealer in the central station. Naturally, they panicked when they saw the damage it did to their skin. A spokesperson for the Bochum police declared: “We are aware of cases such as these all over Germany, this is not an isolated case.”

Police officials are especially worried at how easily crocodile can be created. “It is possible that it is actually a mix that they created on their own”, declared a spokesperson for the police.

A Drug Easy To Create And Cheap

Krokodil can easily be manufactured using codeine, a substance which is part of the morphine family. Codeine can easily be found in certain kinds of cough syrup and in certain prescription painkillers. The recipe also includes iodine sometimes mixed with other ingredients such as gasoline, paint thinner or red phosphors (the red part located at the tip of a match). Desomorphine users, when they survive, sometimes have to be amputated (where the skin tissue died and the flesh decomposed), all because of this fatal drug. In Russia, this drug costs about 20 times less than heroine.

What is desomorphine?

Created in the 1930’s in the United States, desomorphine was supposed to be a painkiller that would be less addictive than morphine. Unfortunately, this drug turned out to be way worse.

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