Narconon’s Sauna and Niacin Detoxification Program Reduces Drug Cravings

sauna2 Narconon’s Sauna and Niacin Detoxification Program Reduces Drug CravingsNarconon addiction treatment centers world-wide have accumulated hundreds of successes from detoxifying the body of drugs and toxins using the evidence based New Life Detoxification Program.  Professional studies documented evidence of the removal from the body of stored cocaine, amphetamine, benzodiazepine (benzos), heroin and other foreign particles and poisons; which in turn markedly reduce drug cravings.  Science papers have been published documenting the safety and amazing health improvements from the controlled delivery of this sauna, sweat-out, multi-vitamin, niacin and mineral based program.  Recovering addicts routinely report a reduction in drug cravings, better health and clearer thinking.

successful people2 Narconon’s Sauna and Niacin Detoxification Program Reduces Drug CravingsThose living with recovering addicts have written in to Narconon centers thanking them for such extreme change in their husband, wife, son or daughter.  Those married to recovering addicts report increase in communication, love and trust because of this program and its self improvement courses which follow.

Due to such medical evidence or drugs and toxins having been physically removed by this detoxification method the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project was conceived of.

The September 11 twin towers disaster in New York not only took lives but created an untold volume of sick and slow-dying New York rescue workers and citizens.  The massive toxic dust clouds of tiny metal and concrete particles were absorbed into lung and body tissues rendering people to lives of permanent illnesses or near certain death.  Prescribed medications to treat its varieties of symptoms did not solve the hopeless experiences of the victims.

So a handful of American citizens and officials which included actor Tom Cruise and several Hubbard Detox Specialists established this Detoxification Project in a New York medical setting to fill the emergency need to save lives.

The New York Detoxification Project used none other than the same sauna, sweat-out, niacin and multi-mineral and vitamin based Detoxification Program as does Narconon in its Step 2 of the drug rehabilitation program.  Due to the importance of documenting results, the group created a system to medically monitor and test every person as they arrived onto and progressed through the program; and many cases continued to be observed and recorded for time periods following completion.

Case histories, testimonials and studies are available online on New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project website.

The Narconon program has eight steps of which this sauna program is only one.  Prior to this step is a drug-free, nutrition based withdrawal (commonly called detox in most treatment programs) followed by practical exercises which improve communication and confront.  Then the New Life Detoxification Program (the sauna sweat-out program) followed by a series of courses and exercises which achieve two goals:  1) help the client find the root of the problem and 2) overcoming personal weaknesses and faults by increasing the person’s ability in those and other parts of his life.   With the combination, thousands of successes have accumulated from recovered addicts and their family and friends.

brad melnychuk winnipeg forks2 150x150 Narconon’s Sauna and Niacin Detoxification Program Reduces Drug CravingsThe Narconon program brings a person out of the misery of drug and alcohol addiction, improves health and integrity, and makes a new life. Those living with an addict or a recovering addict, take note, it might just sort out your problems — there are thousands whom this already has.

By Brad Z Melnychuk, Narconon Writer


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Article by Brad Z Melnychuk

Brad Melnychuk first made his débuts into the non-profit sector when he assumed the position of Executive Director Association for Better Living and Education (ABLE) Canada in 1996. Shortly thereafter he was training tutors in the city of Toronto by running workshops through the Toronto Literacy Project, a volunteer group he started in 1997. He has contributed on many facets thereafter. He spent three years as a Committee Member of the City of Toronto Board of Health Drug Prevention Grants Review Panel. For five years Brad Melnychuk was a very active member of the Community Police Liaison Committee, Toronto Police Services 52 Division. From his position in ABLE Canada he is a consultant of Canadian Narconon Drug Rehabilitation and Prevention Organizations and Criminon groups; and a consultant of Applied Scholastics Licensed Education centres, and The Way to Happiness Foundations, chapters and groups. Brad Melnychuk has a history of rolling up his sleeves and being directly involved in his own network, and outside of it. He has traveled at nights in Toronto street vans, assisting in feeding the homeless under bridges and on the sidewalks, and dark alleys of Toronto. Brad has helped addicts come off the streets or out of the courts; connected them to family and got them arrived in rehab. He has personally counseled recovering addicts, tutored children of middle-class families and also youth in jail. He has trained trainers and established after-school programs, surveyed the homeless; and has met the last two prime ministers of Canada. He was one of the contributors to provide first-hand evidence to the Special Committee on Non-Medical Use of Drugs in Ottawa, whose function was to set the drug strategy for Canada. Mr Melnychuk has delivered lectures/workshops on grant writing, on how to study, on drug free withdrawal, on ethics/morals and other topics. Mr Melnychuk has fund-raised and ran public events. He is a hobby writer and home-cook. Brad was raised on a dairy-farm in rural Manitoba and graduated from Stonewall Collegiate, a town north of Winnipeg. His religion is Scientology. He also studies Islam, Judaism and the Bibles – old and new testaments. He has experienced the spiritual peace of Native Talk Circles. He claims a broadened understanding of life from each. He loves his wife and family. He commonly works from Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton and Winnipeg.
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  1. Deni, Montreal, Quebec says:

    This sauna program saved my life.  If I didn’t do it I would be dead now.  

  2. Jon says:

    An excellent article.

  3. narconontr says:

     thank you.    — brad

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