What should Friends know about Drug Addiction?

what should friends know about drug addiction What should Friends know about Drug Addiction?The first thing people notice in a friend who is addicted to drugs is their behavior. Drug addicts often begin to associate with different people (those who use drugs too). They also start to avoid family and old friends. A friend who has become addicted to drugs may seem lost, but they don’t have to be. It is often friends and loved ones that convince the addict to seek help. If that doesn’t work, they often do an intervention.

A friend who is addicted to drugs can seem to turn into a completely different person. Deep inside, they are still the person you befriended, but he or she is now controlled by the drugs. Drugs change a person physically, mentally and spiritually. True friends will continue to work with the drug addict until they get the help they need. However, this should not be done at the expense of your own health and sanity. It often helps to speak to a drug counselor or visit a rehab to find out how to best help your friend.

Drug addicts are not bad people, they are people who made a wrong choice and tried a drug. Once they did that, the drug controlled them instead of them controlling the drug. Even though once close friends may be treated with a cold shoulder or even harsh words, stay positive and remind the friend that they can be happier. There is no such thing as a happy drug addict.

Addiction to drugs deepens with every use. Sometimes it takes people a very long time to get help and sadly, some never do. Those that do get help are often prompted by family and friends. Drug addicts often seem to ignore or disregard what people say about rehab or detox. Eventually, it does sink in. Part of the addiction is denying that they are hurting friends and family. They often even fool themselves into thinking that they are fooling everyone and no one will know they are using drugs. Of course, they will not admit they are addicts.

It can be a difficult time dealing with a friend who is addicted to drugs. Sticking with it may not be easy, but it just may get your friend back. Drugs can make friends unrecognizable in many ways. To get the old friend back, remaining positive and continuing to mention rehabilitation often works.

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