How does Marijuana affect a Person’s Behavior?

marijuana affects person behavior How does Marijuana affect a Person’s Behavior?Marijuana is one of the oldest drugs in existence. Normally, when someone thinks of a person who has been smoking marijuana, they envision someone being very calm, mellow, or even giggly. The marijuana has what is called THC. The more THC contained in the marijuana, the stronger the affect will be.

While many people who have smoked marijuana may appear calm and “mellow”, their heart rate has increased greatly, as has their pulse. Their eyes become bloodshot and a dry mouth is very common. Marijuana also can damage short-term memory. Some people experience an anxiety reaction, which can actually lead to intense paranoia and fear, which in turn can lead to violence.

It has been shown that marijuana smoke has more cancer causing agents than tobacco. It also damages the lungs due to the deep inhalation of the smoke and holding it in for as long as possible. Also, many people who smoke marijuana also smoke cigarettes or cigars, which make their health risks even greater. Marijuana can also cause audio and visual hallucinations. Headaches and tremors are also quite common among marijuana users.

While most people in the western world who smoke marijuana experience “the munchies” or an increased appetite, it can also cause a decrease in appetite.  People who have been smoking marijuana usually have impaired sense of time and space. Although it is not as pronounced as drunk driving, those under the influence of marijuana also have a hard time staying in their own lane.

Fertility problems among both men and women have been reported with the use of marijuana, although marijuana does tend to stimulate erotic desires. People using marijuana are usually not difficult to spot. They normally have blood-shot eyes and seem to be moving at times alternating between slow motion and overdrive.

marijuana long term user How does Marijuana affect a Person’s Behavior?

Those who smoke marijuana often have a short-time span of wakefulness followed by drowsiness

Since marijuana drastically effects short-term memory, it is not uncommon for the user to often forget what he is doing or talking about. Inappropriate laughter or giggling is also commonly seen in those who have had marijuana.

Those who smoke marijuana often have a short-time span of wakefulness followed by drowsiness. Often, they will smoke more marijuana to keep from getting too tired. Repeating phrases and actions is also an indicator that someone has been using marijuana, especially if combined with the other signs and symptoms. Repeated use often leads to problems at work or at school.

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  1. Annelies says:

    My brother uses marijuana and has over the years off and on. Lately this has increased to the point where it is affecting his family life and his health. He is in complete denial and sees nothing wrong with it. He also sees a pshych for his bipolar disorder and claims the guy supports his habit. His wife need to join a support group like alanon. (She believes she prays a lot but I am encouraging her to seek support.) Where can she go. I need to point her in the right direction before this destroys the family.

  2. Annelies,

    I would recommend family counselors and NA support groups as it can give first hand experience from those who have beaten addiction. You may also get contact for family support groups and and speak to others who have moved on with their lives and have helped their loved ones.

  3. says:

    How about stating your information sources instead of posting propaganda. Half of the information in this article is unproven nonsense. I've been a recreational user of marijuana on a 2-3 times a week basis for 8 years and I never once have forgotten instructions or what I am doing. I work 50 hours a week and not one of my employers would say im anywhere near lazy. Maybe some marijuana users develop issues but why make every one of them wether they are an asset to society or not a target, saying they all need rehab if marijuana effects their lives. I have drive and ambition and I smoke pot. It's articles like this that generalize everyone. Of course marijuana effects lives because half of society actually believes that pot smokers are all a liability . How about giving people a chance for once. Think about it…

  4. Frp98133 says:

    I’m somebodies mom looking for facts, pro and con, in order to have an educated and rational discussion with my child about his marijuana use. While I understand the purpose of this site, it states everything in such extremes and implied absolutes, (THOSE WHO SMOKE MARIJUANA often have a short-time span of wakefulness followed by drowsiness.) I can’t imagine any “teenager to twenty-something” relating. It’s much like telling them if they drink they will be an alcoholic, while skipping the discussion about the fun, that may lead to minor problems, that may lead to bigger problems, that may lead to disaster, that may lead to tragedy. Sadly, anyone relating to this brief article is already there. Your work is important – please don’t do it in such a lazy fashion.nnWondering upon what I might base this opinion – I’ve been in recovery for 25+ years

  5. asdf91 says:

    I know a lot of people who smoke pot, I use to till I got smart and grew up and quit. The people I know that smoke are deff addicted they think they can not go a day without smoking, none of them have jobs or can not keep one, all of them dropped out of school and is now attempting to get a GED which is going to well for them.. So when reading up on it I can tell that they are not some retard just making up shit.u00a0

  6. Baizheri says:

    The dude above doesn’t look like weed is his problem, I think self esteem, lack of skills and low motivation are the cause.u00a0 So, that must be the weed causing it, right? Of course, but, my older brother is rich, a military program writer and HS valedictorian who actually later flunked out of HS and college both and did not smoke weed often, only to party with his friends.u00a0 Now, he’s rich.u00a0 He makes the money, and even when we were kids I smoked weed all the time, graduated on time, have 3 college degrees but I’m struggling and he is comfortable.u00a0 My mom would show me pictures like that above and ask me if I want to grow up like him.u00a0 I’d answer, “yea sure, I’d like to make a little of his money and smoke a little of my weed doing it.

  7. Baizheri says:

    How many smokers go a day without a cigarette? Even when I have weed I don’t smoke it all the time, just when I have time….

  8. AriellemegannFTW says:

    A lot of this information is super false.

  9. tt says:

    Any type of abuse of any drugs and alcohol causes problems don’t just say marijuana causes that some very influential, intelligent people smoke marijuana it the abuse of the plant that makes it a problem. Too much of anything is bad for you  

  10. Tony4879 says:


  11. Michelle Alexander10 says:

    it effects a person’s mental status.

  12. Melissa says:

    I smoke regularly and so do a lot of my friends. We all hold jobs and are hard working college students. Generalize pot smokers into the same category if you really want but remember, we’re not all the same. My whole family smokes pot and they’re all living in California with good jobs and lots of money. They are making up shit. Yes there are some pot smokers who are lazy, don’t hold jobs, and just sit around and smoke. But there are way more who do the exact opposite. This article was obviously written by someone who is so against weed that they can’t see anything but the negatives. It’s all a bunch of bullshit.

  13. Bacase says:

    I thought my daughter was just  being ‘over zealous’ in correcting neighbor-hood children doing whatever she found annoying or in how she admonished drivers on her street if she felt they were going too fast. I thought she was being protective, as she ran a day care. But at the same time she screamed and swore at her charges then ridiculed them when they acted afraid of her.  When parents questioned her about things the children said she’d done  she lied making it sound like their children were thieves, perverts, and liars. That was then, this is now;  she acts like she is the decision-maker for her whole family and gets furious when her ‘decrees’ aren’t followed. She stays  in the ‘pissed off position’ angry and fault-finding.  She embelishes every conversation with outlandish opinions about people and events.  At first I thought she must be going through an extra long, drawn-out menapause. Now however, I’m believe it’s from smoking pot for thirty years.
    Pot smokers have no idea how they appear to others, she could hold a job, was competant, got promotions, was well liked. But also, over time, her appearance began to change. She no longer seemed concerned with how she looked. She became a ‘trash magnet’ for collecting seedy friends. And all the while she thought she was doing just fine. She welcomed the divorce, wasn’t too put out at loosing full custody of her kids. ‘Sort-of’ liked the guys she shacked up with. The only constant in her life was marijuana.         

  14. narconontr says:

    Thank you for the comment, that does seem to be the constant, marijuana; being a drug, will impact peoples behavior, physically and mentally. Has she ever attempted to stop or seek any kind of help for it? How often or how much is she smoking?

  15. narconontr says:

    You must have been high when you wrote this?

  16. narconontr says:

    I hear what you are saying and thank you for sharing this. Drug intervention of some kind is the best solution, even what you are doing now, disconnecting from him. Allowing him to see the impact of what he is doing. Give him the only option of treatment if he ever wants to see you again.

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