OTC Cough Syrup – DXM

Also known as;

Dex, DXM, Robo Trippin, Skittles, Syrup, Triple-C, Vitamin D, Tussin or Tussin Trippin

Dextromethorphan (DXM), a synthetic drug with effects similar to morphine, the FDA as a cough suppressant approved it in 1954. Manufacturers developed and began using it in cough medicine in the 1970s as a cough suppressant that would be less addictive and have less side effects then the narcotic codeine, which had been used as the active ingredient in cough syrup up to this time.

Poison control experts say the increase in abuse cases is 4 times higher now than in 2000, mostly school-aged youth and young adults. Intoxication comes from swallowing large doses of the cough syrup, known as “robo-dosing” or taking hands full of cough suppressant pills, sometimes called “skittles” because they look similar to a popular fruit flavored candy.

In the past, cough syrup was the most commonly abused form of the drug. Abusers drank large doses however; drinking large amounts of cough syrup induces vomiting. So, to achieve the wanted effect, the user must drink the product quickly enough to allow the body to absorb the DXM before they start throwing up. Now they have the Internet to not only buy DXM in pure powder form, but it also teaches them how to use and abuse it. Some of these Internet sites even have dosing calculators those coach abusers how much they’ll need to take for their weight to get the best buzz.

OTC Cough Syrup DXM OTC Cough Syrup – DXM

DXM is not illegal. The drug is available without a prescription because, when used properly, it has proven to be a safe and effective means of cough suppression. Even though the drug is not regulated as a prescription drug, or as a controlled substance, being intoxicated on ANY drug in a public place can subject a user to prosecution for disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, and similar violations.

Sense this type of drug is available to our children we as parents or care takers need to pay attention to our children surroundings. Listed below are several ways to help keep your children safe.
Talk to your child. Speak with your children often about the importance of carefully following directions on the labels of all OTC medications. Help them understand the dangers of abusing OTC cough and cold medications.

Take an inventory of all Over the Counter products kept in your home. Be aware of the products in your medicine cabinet, and ask questions if you notice that any products are used frequently or disappear, best of all keep All Medication in a locked cabinet.

Monitor your child’s Internet use. Unfortunately, there are Internet sites that sell dxm in a bulk powder form, which helps teens to share their experiences with other teens. These individual sites are not regulated so it becomes increasingly necessary that you are aware of where your child is getting information on the Internet.

Your child can benefit from the relief of cough, cold, and flu symptoms by taking “Over the Counter” cough and cold remedies according to the instructions on the products label. But be aware if your child is using cough and cold medications outside of cold and flu season or if he or she continues to self-medicate after symptoms of the cold or flu have ended.

DXM alone can suppress the central nervous system, which will make you stop breathing, if emergency medical help is not called in time this will result in death.  Some drugs that people take to get the DXM high also include other ingredients, which can interact in your body and have dangerous consequences. And remember, extremely high doses of DXM can induce a hallucinatory state which can lead to “accidents” that could result in injury or death.

If you think your child is using DXM or any other drug contact a Professional Drug and Alcohol Counselor immediately. If you put it off until tomorrow it may be too late.

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Article by Doug McGarry

Doug Mcgarry is a professional addiction counselor that has been helping people into treatment for over 7 years. He has a great passion for helping families find treatment centers that can save their loved one from the cycle of addiction. His personalized approach when dealing with families and addicts alike has helped many addicts live a productive and successful life after addiction.
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  1. jenuine says:

    I've seen many sources saying DXM isn't physically addictive, but after a couple years of on and off excessive abuse of DXM I can genuinly say that I think it is. I started doing DXM when I was 16 or seventeen after seeing an episode of Intervention on A&E where a guy was supposedly addicted to DXM. Besides alcohol and cigarettes I had never tried any sort of drug, and never could have imagined myself downing entire bottles of cough syrup. Until one day when I was home from school early and bored I noticed we had a bottle of Dayquil with DXM in it. I drank half the bottle and never thought I would ever do it again, but some how things quickly spiraled out of control. I started taking Robitussin about half a bottle at a time. Eventually I would take a full bottle, and it went on from there. I ended up getting to the point where I would down an average of three or four bottles a trip, sometimes more. I would do it for days and days straight, sometimes weeks at a time tripping about four or five times a week. I would realize it was getting out of control and stop for a while, but for some reason always ended up going back. After I graduated things were going good. I wasn't tripping as much and working at a grocery store trying to get my life together, until I met a guy that was also into DXM. He had been in rehab many times because of DXM and had lost his license to to a DWI he got while tripping. He introduced me to Cordiden pills. We developed this sick sort of relationship as tripping buddies. We would spend almost every day going from store to store where they sold these pills and working as a team would shoplift them to get high. As soon as we got the pills we would park somewhere and just sit there tripping for hours and hours, sometimes days. We would sleep in my car and do the same thing the next day. After only a month or so I lost my car do to stupid things I did while high. At one point in time while tripping we got in my car at 3 in the morning with no money and half a tank of gas and decided to drive to Tennessee over 1,000 miles away. We ended up stranded with no idea where we were so we slept in my car and tried to pawn things in my car. When we finally got back and I lost my car, I thought it would end, but it didn't. I once walked over 20 miles to get to the city where he lived. We spent every day riding the city bus and walking all day to get pills. It was dark and sick and seemed to never end. Now I haven't talked to that guy in maybe four months. I can only hope that he has managed to get off DXM. I, however, am still struggling every day to stay sober. I will stay straight for weeks, try DXM one time and will be instantly hooked again until something horrible happens to me again. This is a horrible stupid drug to do and I can only warn people to never try it, because it's really no worth your life. As long as you take things with only DXM in it you probably won't die, but for me it was the death of countless relationships with family members and good friends. Just a word to the wise, don't do it!

  2. M. L. Hayes says:

    How do I contact you for counseling. I have an addiction to dextromethorphan, currently I drink 8 oz. a day. This has been going on for about six years. I need help, I know this is not good for me!

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