What’s The Problem With Bath Salts Drug?

The problem with bath salts drug is that it is not the innocuous product that it appears to be – but is a highly toxic stimulant drug – an amphetamine, a variation within the methamphetamine group. Whatever meth drugs do, to the body and mind, the so called “bath salts” drug will do. The active ingredient of some bath salts is the designer drug MDPV.

MDPV is close cousin to MDMA, or ecstasy. Some bath salts have been found to contain mephedrone, a synthetic chemical, similar to cocaine.

Incidents Involving Bath Salts Drug Are not Isolated

MDPV is one of a range of synthetic methamphetamine drugs, some named as “Cloud 9”, or “Ivory Wave”, generically marketed as “bath salts” drug. Users simply do not know what drug product they are actually getting when purchasing bath salts.

For example Ivory Wave, implicated in a death in Britain, was said to contain MDPV.

In another case, a product sold as ivory Wave, was found to contain the ingredient 2-DPMP, that is an ADHD drug, similar to methylphenidate, and which inhibits dopamine re-uptake.

Now in St Louis County in the USA -Ivory Wave has been found, containing pyrovalerone and also the local anesthetic lidocaine. Pyrovalerone is related to MDPV and also is a powerful dopamine agonist.

See The New York Times article on bath salts for more data on the abuse and dangers of this drug in the USA.

Drug Withdrawal Symptome1 200x300 Whats The Problem With Bath Salts Drug?Bath Salts Effects

People using these products, sold as “refreshing, soothing bath salts” are turning up in hospitals, almost in cardiac arrest, with a racing heartbeat, and emotional conditions ranging from psychotic to paranoid, exhibiting panic or anxiety.

Bath salts would appear to consistently cause serious mental and emotional problems for users. Using bath salts has been associated with homicide, suicide, auditory and visual hallucinations. Violence and aggression is frequently a result for young people who use bath salts.

How is Bath Salts Taken as a Drug?

Bath salt drug is being ingested, snorted, injected in much the same way as any other type of crystal rock or powder. The effects of bath salts drug appears to be so intense, so powerful, that people are overdosing, rather than achieving any pleasure from the drug. In some cases organ failure or physical accident has caused death.

Bath salts drug is a powerful and dangerous stimulant amphetamine, not a pleasant and harmless substance for young people to use at a party.

Bath Salts Regulations

Recently, several States in America have made moves to outlaw both bath salts and herbal marijuana, with long terms of imprisonment for possession and supply.

In Canada, the UK, Australia and Israel, bath salts have been banned.

Situation in Canada

Background on the situation in Canada with regard to methamphetamine designer drug use can be found in a report from the Drug Analysis Services of Health Canada, Quebec region – Designer Drugs Seized in Quebec – June 2007 – July 2008.

According to reporting in the Canadian Globe and Mail, in early January 2011, Canada is poised to become a target area for increased sales of MDPV. In 2010, only 7 seizures of drugs analyzed by Health Canada contained MDPV. However, bath salts are gaining in popularity in Canada, and internet searches reveal many illicit “party” drug distributors online.

Youth are to be Better Educated about Drugs to Make Sensible Choices

Current reports from the United States indicate an overwhelming problem and it is mainly young people who would appear to be attracted by these innocuous sounding drugs. Whilst genuine bath salt manufacturers have distanced their products from involvement, perhaps more should be done to educate youth, in Canada, and elsewhere about the damage that designer drugs do, including the frequently advertised synthetic marijuana, that could be a dose ten times the amount of natural marijuana, and lethal.

Senator Schumer for New York in America, raises a powerful voice against bath salts drug, calling them nothing more that “legally sanctioned narcotics”. Surely the legislatures in each country are capable of making laws that would prohibit and make illegal, the whole methamphetamine circus.

Narconon drug prevention programs for children in school have a solid track record for successful drug use prevention. Children need drug education urgently about synthetic marijuana – Kronic, K2 and Spice, and methamphetamines such as bath salts, to be informed and make the decision – just say no to drugs.

Narconon: A Long-Term Solution to Drug Addiction

Bath salts drug is only one of many aimed at youth – substance abuse is now endemic in our society, as a way of life. Parents and children looking for answers and looking for methamphetamine recovery will find in Narconon alcohol and drug addiction recovery programs the answer to their needs.

Narconon addiction recovery programs provide a complete detoxification – natural, safe, for people of all ages – using a dry heat sauna process and a supportive nutritional plan. Young people today have in their bodies many toxic substances, apart narcotic and stimulant drugs.

Narconon detoxification is recommended not only for drug detox, but for total chemical detoxification of the human body. Young people into bath salts and substance abuse will benefit from the Narconon program for drug rehabilitation that helps people to become more content and healthy – and completely free of drug addiction.

For more information about the Narconon natural drug rehab program, please call 1-877-782-7409.

Source references: http://www.thepoisonreview.com

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