Can someone be Forced to go to Rehab?

There are some misconceptions about this, which need to be cleared up. A judge is the only person who can force someone to go to rehab. However, there are meetings, which are called “intervention” in which family and friends get together and confront the drug/alcohol abuser about their addiction. Interventions often result in the addict seeking help, often within a week.

forced to go to rehab Can someone be Forced to go to Rehab?

Interventions are sometime needed to help the addict to realise that she or he needs help

It is an outdated notion that an addict must be the first one to seek or ask for help. It is often friends and family members who get advice first from a rehabilitation center. Generally Loved ones know long before the addict that there is a problem. Still, an intervention is not actually forcing someone into rehab, but it is acknowledging the problem and setting limits for the addict. For those who stick to the agreement, the results are normally positive. The addict soon learns that he/she cannot get away with things anymore. They know they are not fooling anyone and that they are actually hurting people.

Sometimes, an intervention causes the addict to act out worse for a while. This is like a child testing your limits. Stand firm and keep your boundaries in tact. Those who do not seek help from intervention often end up in the court system regardless and eventually may be forced to go to rehab by a judge. Normally, once someone is in rehab, whether forced or voluntarily, family and friends often sleep better knowing that not only their loved one is safe, but they are as well. The tension level drops and loved ones can breathe a sigh of relief.

Often, even if someone is forced by a judge to go to rehabilitation, they will resent it and will simply go through the motions. At some point, with any luck, they will realize it is a chance for a better life. Family and friends can help them realize this. By commenting on how much better they look or how thrilled you are to see them smile can go a long way. Also, knowing that you care enough to see them through it helps. Eventually, the addict needs to see that there is a problem. This can’t happen if everyone ignores it or enables the addict to continue on the wayward path. By speaking up and speaking out, yet staying positive, friends can help their loved one sees that help is needed.

The counselors of the Narconon drug rehab center can help you decide if an intervention is required and then assist you to organize one if needed. Don’t hesitate to contact them: 1-877-782-7409

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