Drugs Will Eat you Alive

For the Teenagers,

I am writing this letter to inform you about the Hell I’ve lived through due to drug use.

At the age of 10, I started smoking marijuana with some friends all because of curiosity. After marijuana wasn’t giving me enough of a high anymore, I upgraded to acid..ecstasy..cocaine..oxy’s..crack..meth.

Getting caught up in drugs and the wrong crowd, my life crumbled apart right from under my feet. I thought I was using drugs for an escape from reality… from life… but really, I was trying to escape myself, and the Monster I had become.

I caused a lot of Hurt, Pain and Violence to others. I stole from a lot of people and lied through my teeth, just to get my next high. I lost all trust from my friends and family because of my actions. Everyone around me gave up on me. Nothing mattered to me anymore. I became hateful. I had no emotion towards anything.  Not a care in the world. I was pretty much Dead, but still walking.

Screaming in pain because of my body hurting so bad from withdrawing. I couldn’t function normally without drugs. I needed them.
It felt as if I was trapped in a very deep, very dark hole, desperately trying to claw my way out, but couldn’t ever reach the top.

Drugs completely Ruined me and my life. Don’t get caught up in the drug life. It will eat you ALIVE.

B. Atkinson



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Article by B. Atkinson

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One Comments

  1. Brad Melnychuk says:

    Tough statements but I know its true. It’s one of so many stories you hear in drug rehab.

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