OxyContin & Oxycodone Addiction Levels in Toronto

oxycontin addiction toronto 300x199 OxyContin & Oxycodone Addiction Levels in Torontooxycontin and oxycodone addiction levels in Toronto are high, From 2005 until 2009, Oxy use in Toronto increased from use by .8% of the population to 1.3% , with no data available from 2009 onwards, reports the Calgary Herald in early 2011.

Dr Philip Berger of St Michael’s, Toronto has lashed out at big pharma – who until 2007 part funded pain management courses at the University of Toronto, and continued until 2010 to provide material for the pain management students that was essentially advertising and promotional material. Berger says that drug companies make it appear that it is normal to prescribe medications, in situations where they should not be. Drug companies nudge and push their line of drugs making doctors more eager to use a drug without exploring other avenues of pain relief.

While it is fair to place some responsibility for OxyContin and oxycodone addiction levels in Toronto with drug companies and prescribing doctors, they are to some extent both players in a wider social problem. The real driver of addiction in Toronto and elsewhere is a demand for drugs by the users, the best of marketing falls on deaf ears when we have no interest in the product.

Where there is a commercial demand, businessmen will naturally come in with a view to making a profit by providing supply. Much criticism today is leveled at the burgeoning takeaway, fast food industry that even provides Christmas dinner for many. However millions of people choose take away food in preference to other options – blame cannot be placed entirely with the fast food industry suppliers.

Similarly with the drug market and high levels of oxy addiction in Toronto – sure drugs are there and available, but the essential problem is that people want to use them.

Notorious Toronto doctor Ravi Devgan, now deceased while serving time for prescription drug offences, in a federal prison, left behind an ominous warning. When appearing at his last trial the prosecutor, Moiz Rahman warned the jury to be aware that although cocaine and heroin are still the most popular illicit drugs, with an image of clandestine “deals”, the way of the future in the illicit drug trade is diversion from licensed manufacturers by use of a pen by those with authority to issue prescriptions.

Manufactured licensed products meet quality controls, to some extent users feel safer than when taking the risk of buying drugs of unknown origin, a trust misguided to say the least, in the case of OxyContin, which contains much the same fillers as street drugs, including lactose and talc.

A study by CAMH’s Toronto in-patient service records 3 people attending with OxyContin addiction in the year 2000 – and 92 in 2004. This is consistent with findings that around 10% of the Canadian population is addicted to one kind of drug or another, and that of this 10% – around 1 in 5 drug users make OxyContin their drug of choice.

Oxy is a narcotic, a sedative, which suggests that people use it to overcome feelings of tension and stress that they have in their lives. When opioids are used at an addictive level, and the sedation effects wear off, the irony of the situation is that people are prone to and feel more intensely symptoms of anxiety, pain and stress, fueling the cycle of addiction.

The only way out of the Oxy cycle of drug use and pain is to detox completely, and put into place natural alternatives for pain relief and an effective program for future healthy living. People in Toronto, looking for Oxy relief should contact Narconon  for complete addiction recovery.

For more information about the Narconon OxyContin Addiction Treatment program, please call 1-877-782-7409.

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Article by Jane Waterberry

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