OxyContin Long Term Side Effects

The pleasure of the initial effects is far outweighed by OxyContin long term effects. Those who take Oxy for a long time experience harsh side effects, most of which are mental and emotional. An OxyContin addict can expect a very short period of time being high, followed by hours of experiencing the long term effects. While the physical effects of long term use may be few, they are extremely dangerous.

oxycontin nervous system 296x300 OxyContin Long Term Side Effects

OxyContin Side Effects on the nervous system

Since Oxycontin affects the central nervous system, major organs, including the heart and lungs will be affected with long term use. Another common symptom of long term Oxy use is constipation. Severe constipation can lead to and impacted bowel, and even death. Even in the less severe instance, it can be, and is very uncomfortable. A tolerance to
may also occur, in which case the user must consume more of the drug in order to achieve pain relief. Taking more of the drug than is prescribed is not only dangerous, it is also a sign of addiction.

A disturbing psychological long term effect of Oxy is the anxiety and sometimes violent behavior. Again, this is seen primarily in those who have become addicted, and are experienced when they run out of the drug. Studies continue on the actual damage to the brain and psyche with long term Oxy use. The lungs may also be affected, since the use of OxyContin shallows breathing, so in long term use, it can reduce the amount of oxygen getting to the brain.

Long term side effects of Oxy, even for therapeutic use can lead to addiction. This is a result not only of having to increase the amount of the drug to relieve pain, but also coming to miss the euphoric “high” that comes along with Oxy use. Since the use and abuse of OxyContin has skyrocketed in the last 10 years, many of the long term effects are yet unknown. These effects will become all too clear as people age and the damage can be clearly diagnosed.

Now, that being said, there are the lifestyle long term side effects of Oxy. Most OxyContin addicts will in many cases all but destroy their family unit. Divorce, separation, domestic violence, and estrangement from family members all occur for long term Oxy users. Additionally, legal violations, court appearances, job loss, homelessness, and frequent illness can also be expected as an OxyContin long term side effect. OxyContin takes it’s toll when used long term.

If you know someone addicted to OxyContin, find out how you can help them by calling the Drug Rehab Center Narconon: toll free 1-877-782-7409

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  1. Annmariepetrocco says:

    SO TRUE!!!!!

  2. Celerymint says:

    PLEASE make this dangerous, harmful drug illegal immediately! n- a health care worker

  3. Craw1810 says:

    You know the drug helps thousands of people who are in legitimate pain… Making it illegal will not prevent or deter opiate abuse. There are way more opiates than Oxys and a lot of them are stronger and more dangerous and are also legal.

  4. A Patient expect that Doctor could provide a safe and clean environment, proper care and also protect our wellbeing. If you have contracted any form of illness or infection such as medicine reaction you could recover compensation for your illness.

  5. do your research first says:

    I am 24 yr old woman who has been on oxycontin, hydro morph contin and other narcotics for the past 2 yrs. I have been perscibed these drugs through my family doctor because i was in a very serious car accident which nearly took my life and have left my life physically and mentally altered. I am disabled now and if i want my pain to be a little at ease i have to take my medications. I am very angry at my doctor for putting me on oxycontin it has made my life horrible im pretty much dependent on the drug if i dont take it i go into very bad withdraw and must go to the hospital. If anyone is thinking about taking oxycontin for pain or for pleasure i would erge you not to. Having to take medication just so i dont get sick and to have minor pain relief is not worth it. I would have rather lived with my disability and lived with pain and learned how to manage it instead of taking the oxycontin. Please anyone who needs pain relief from something do your research first theres so many other things you can do and take other than oxycontin. Thanks for reading my post

  6. MuddTVBM says:

    GO TEEN CHALLENGE. I was a severe opiate AND crack addict for several years and have been 16 months sober thanks to TEEN CHALLENGE. My life has been established in a foundation of truth that succeeds any drug. These drugs are severely dangerous and the government will not criminalize them do to the fact the their eyes are filled with dollar signs. Incredible amounts of money and work are provided due to these awful narcotics. I am only 20 years old and I can see that not only does the government make money off this, it also provides work for our crumbling economy. Drug addicts have many issues needing lawyers, health care, police officers to deal with the criminals and so on and so forth. As beneficial as it would be to remove these drugs completely, our economy would experience further negative effects. 

  7. Findacure says:

    Those of you who want to make this drug illegal should thank God that you are not experiencing chronic pain.  Chronic pain is as much a debilitating disease as the opiate addiction is.  Personally, I use the drug occasionally to manage my pain when it flares up.  I am not addicted to it.

  8. Truittls says:

    I wish I had read this 2 months ago before my Dr put me on oxycotin. I am trying to come off of it, but I have bad anxiety attacks when I go past my prescription time by a couple of hours. I can not sleep. Insomnia is awful. I am exhausted and very moody. I need to know how to safely come off of this drug. I am currently taking 20mg every 8 hours.

  9. M@D says:

    i imagine you are in denial about your addiction

  10. Miss B. says:

    I hope you will recover safely, thank you for sharing your story.

  11. Timadams says:

    I destroyed my right knee and broke my pelvis when a texting car driver ran me over in 2006. I’ve done every possible treatment, and then some. The Doc feeds me 4 10/325 norco a day. I’m googling around because the meds just aren’t working very well and I’m researching stronger meds. When I read a comment like Celerymint the “health care worker” or many of the healthcare workers I’ve came into contact with during my quest for a life without this miserable pain and discomfort, let alone the obvious crazy way I have to walk, sit and sleep. These comments, especially the old “you’re just going to have to learn to live with the pain” bullshit, are plain ridiculous. I wish they could go through JUST ONE DAY OF THIS MISERY. These abusers are a sad story too, but I know w/o the norco, I’d probably have to go into a nursing home at 49 years old. Walk a mile in my shoes, you’ll never say such a stupid selfish comment again.

  12. Mfiwchuk0 says:

    There are many other pain medications that work just as well that are not addictive. However they are not covered! Sad but true. I have been off oxy’s for three months now after 2 years of using. My suggestion, find ulternatives and god bless!

  13. bumbaclot rude bwoy says:

    cut it into pieces, first start to take half the 20mg pill every 8 hours, for 2 weeks, then do a quarter for two weeks, and then after that you should crush a pill into very small pieces, because whenever you get withdrawl symptoms, you should chew on a little piece, or two, until you will feel better. the point is to ween yourself off of the drug. i was in the same position myself, and thats how i got off of them. to be honest you will probably have to chew on the little pieces for a couple months, but with the small pieces you should gradually have smaller, and smaller pieces, until one day when you wont get any withdrawl symptoms.            or instead of using such small pieces you can go to your doctor and get your prescription in 10mg and 5mg pills.

  14. GMW says:

    Are you still experiencing side effects?  My son is also 3 months off after being on oxy for 2 years. Am wondering if there are any permanant side effects.

  15. narconontr says:

    The drug residuals can remain in the body for quite a long time and can be re stimulated. Your fatty tissues of your body absorb the oil residues of drugs, and this is where they lay in wait to be re-released into the blood stream again. Sauna detoxification and natural cleansing can really help eliminate this problem.

  16. narconontr says:

    Thanks for the comment and the insight from the other side of the fence. I hope your health truly improves and will come to a point where you wont need the medication any more. Thanks again for the comment.

  17. narconontr says:

    Thanks for sharing this!

  18. Carmen says:

    I have systemic lupus, i had a car accident in 2003, since then, i havent been able to go into remission, so i have had a hip replacement, sever osteo arthritis, cyctitis, tumor in my right kidney, two tumors in my thyroid, fibromyalgia, my first doctor told me pain is my friend, wow i hated that doctor so bad, this doctor i have now, has had me on 40mg, 3 times a day.  For two years now.  i dont live anymore, i cant even enjoy my grandkids, i want off this drug so bad, so thanks to your stories i begin my detox, i would rather live with the pain and have me back again, i only pray i am strong enough to do this.  sorry for the bad spelling.
    God bless, and good luck
    and for the people that need these meds then stay on them just be safe driving and dont get hooked.

  19. narconontr says:

    Thank you so much for the story, you will get off teh drug, keep your determination there and make it happen. Anything you ever need, we are here.

  20. nate51678 says:

      This drug does more harm then good. Sure it works great for pain but in the long term it will cause severe addiction and problems. It won’t help your pain as it once did. Your brain receptors will adapt to the dosage and eventually need more for the pain. You will continue to increase your dose over time and eventually you will be at the max dose allowed, at this point you will be in the devils grip. You will no longer be a free person, you will be a slave to this monster. You will always plan your days around Oxycontin. Oxycontin will be your new master. If you plan a trip you will have to plan ahead just to make sure you have enough pills for the trip. You will constantly be on a schedule.  It is a never ending battle. You can be the most responsible person on this planet and take this drug long enough and you will become severely addicted and it will destroy you.Oxycontin works wonders in the beginning but in the end it bites like a snake and poisons like a viper.

  21. Geezus Khrist says:

    I don’t have any choice, but to continue to take this medication. It has given me some level of a quality of life that wasn’t available before I was prescribed it. I’ll take the unknowns, and the knowns of this obvious very addictive medication. Because without it, I don’t have a life, I would be bed-ridden.

  22. balletsusan says:

    I am living with someone in chronic pain and he is on oxycodone 10mg every four hours. The trouble with this person is that he has been giving the drug to my eldest son for the past two years! It leaves him and my son in withdrawal and I hate it! My son when he goes through withdrawal, he cannot sleep, he repeats the constant talk of wanting to put a gun to his head and end his life. I am so angry at my husband for giving my son this drug. My husband when he goes through withdrawal, he throws things across the room, curses constantly and does become verbally and physically abusive towards me. I hate this drug and I have to keep my feelings to myself. Most of all, I am so sad that he did this to my brilliant son who cannot have a normal life until he completely leaves this situation. I feel the same way myself at this point. Thank you for allowing me to write this.

  23. Marcus says:

    If you suffer from depression then you should definetely not take oxy. I started taking it from an accident which has left me with looks like life long pain and 10 years later I’m still taking it although during this time it was interchanged with another really strong narcotic. The point is besides the pain I know it has beeb a band aid cure for my really bad depression to losing my parents in horrible circumstances and having no other family support. The problem for myself is that it’s destroyed my life. I got divorced from a really great woman who couldn’t take my up and down mood swings and I know for a fact that it had caused some level of brain damage because I suffer with speech problems and communicating with anyone has become near impossible due to very poor communucation skills. This is coming from someome who was degree qualified and pre the accident had a science career and many friends. Now I have nothing. I’m only 39 and can’t even get a cleaning job because of my inability to communicate effectively and certainly don’t come across well to anyone in society now. Be Very Careful otherwise you could well end up like me…a screw up with no future.

  24. Jay says:

    These comments are so sad.. I got in a bad motorcycle accident over 3 months ago. Young and dumb. I was on oxy iR and morphine ER and also nerve pain pills. I became addicted. I wasn’t taking more than they prescribed but they prescribed so much! Which may be justified, as I just came clean this week and all those aches and pains are coming back to the surface. I didn’t realize how messed up my knee was until I pulled away the veil.

    I want to say, oxy destroyed my happiness completely. I was in the deepest depression I have ever experienced. I had no motivation. When I finally did get back to work after 6 weeks out, I would come home and straight to bed. I would eat one meal a day if that, but starving all the time (no appetite somehow?), just straight to bed and pills and pills, doing something like sleep for 12+ hours a day.

    To everyone out there, please do not abuse this drug. I did because I was unhappy and I wanted to escape, but it catches up, it always does and I went through terrible withdrawal, still am facing it even with the help of my doctor now it is ugly. The pain is back and it is bad but I am lucky enough to be young and think I can still heal. I am very sad to read the rest, to anyone reading please be kind at any chance in this world that is so full of pain and suffering.

  25. I Bella C says:

    I have read through a number of the comments. I wish to warn those who have family taking this Narcotic, The LONG TERM use of this medication even with a Perscription, Can and Will be catastrophic. After OVER 10 YEARS of use ( witch i believe to be a crime in itself!) Our Family has been TORN APART. My mother has made increasingly poor Judgement call. Money, friends and FAMILY, She has lost them all. I her Daughter have run out of options with my Over Medicated 54 year old mother. Her Ablitlity to obtain whatever RX She needs shocks me. Chronic Pain, Poor DIet (VEGAN) Medical Marijuana(LIFETIME SMOKER) Benzos, Sleeping pills, You name it, She Obtains IT!

  26. Sonya says:

    I have been on oxy for 18 months was taking 180mg a day at the beginning of the year I started cutting down and am now down to 40mg twice a day I cut down by 10mg every fortnight so still a way to go its hard really hard but I have not swayed from my reducing one little bit.
    Take care all you can do it

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