Should Doctors be Accountable for Prescription O/Ds?

According to ABC news, prescriptions drug abuse now kills more people than motor vehicle accidents in the U.S. Drug overdoses and brain damage linked to long-term drug abuse killed an estimated 37,485 in 2009, the latest year for which preliminary data are available, from the CDC, surpassing the toll of traffic accidents by 1,201. With the current trend, the number is likely to rise.

handcuffs2 Should Doctors be Accountable for Prescription O/Ds?We place our trust in Doctors that are trained in medicine, to do the right thing for us, and for our loved ones. Yet more and more, Doctors, who have given their oath to do no harm, are acting in such a way as to betray our trust. Causing harm and deaths and brain damage to people they prescribe to. Sometimes they are enablers by writing scripts for people when there is no need and no investigation into the claimed problem of the patients, and sometimes a buildup of drugs causes the death.

I happened across a news report about a Dr. Hsiu-Ying “Lisa” Tseng, 42, was arrested after a two year investigation by police.

It would seem that she is being charged with the murder of three boys that over dosed that were patients in her care. According to the report the deceased were Vu Nguyen, 29, of Lake Forest, on March 2, 2009; Steven Ogle, 25, of Palm Desert, on April 9, 2009; and Joseph Rovero III, 21, a University of Arizona student from San Ramon, on Dec. 18, 2009. All three men were prescribed a myriad of drugs for them by the Doctor. Tseng is also facing a felony count of prescribing drugs using fraud and 20 felony counts of prescribing drugs without a legitimate purpose.

According the news video and article, Tseng wrote more than 27,000 prescriptions over a three-year period starting in January 2007 — an average of 25 a day, according to a DEA affidavit.

In some instances Dr. Tseng didn’t even examine her patients, just wrote the prescriptions. She says she has done nothing wrong.

Tseng is one of just a few doctors in the US to be charged with murder related to prescription drugs. In the US, prescription drug overdoses now surpass traffic fatalities.  The following are just a few Doctors who also have faced charges:
In 2008, Harriston Bass in Nevada was convicted of second-degree murder for the death of Gina Micali, 38, who died after taking the pain reliever hydrocodone. Bass was sentenced to 25 years to life.

Georgia doctor Noel Chua was sentenced to life in prison in October 2007 was found guilty of felony murder and violating the state’s controlled substances act in the death of Jamie Carter III, who died of multi-drug intoxication.

In Florida, Dr. Sergio Rodriguez faces three counts of first-degree murder in the overdose deaths of three patients. His case is still pending.

In Palm Beach a pair of twins put together a chain of pain clinics that offered service in several different states and employed a large number of doctors. They amassed $40 million dollars in fees fairly quickly. After several years of investigation of what the FBI calls the largest illegal pain clinic ring in the US, it resulted in 32 federal charges. The George Twins, the founders of this “clinic” and the following Doctors were indicted: Beau Boshers, Augusto Lizarazo, 70, Christine Chico-Blume, 59, Michael Aruta, 48, Irwin Beretsky, 76, and Patrick Graham, 64, Cynthia Cadet, 41, Daniel Hauser, 61, Vernon Atreidis, 46, Robert Meek, 36, of Davie; Joseph Castronuovo, 72, and Jacobo Dreszer, 70, and Roni Dreszer, 36, The state issued a first-degree murder charge against Dr. Gerald Klein, 77, of Palm Beach Gardens.

oxycontin addiction 300x228 Should Doctors be Accountable for Prescription O/Ds?In the USA, it is coming more to light that deaths from prescription drug abuse is becoming a serious problem. Society demands justice for the Doctors that are misusing their right to prescribe pills to patients. These Doctors took an oath not to cause harm. By acting irresponsibly they are causing harm and causing death in their patients. They should be held accountable.

If you have a loved one that is hooked on prescription drugs, please contact Narconon, they are professionals in dealing with such problems. 1-800-914-3412 There are no waiting periods here.

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Article by Dianne Gariepy

Dianne Gariepy is a mother of a large family, now grown, and grandmother of 9, soon to be 11 grandchildren. Dianne is very concerned about our food today. She would like to see GMOs stomped out completely and recommends organic food to everyone. The body needs food to eat and use as energy to repair itself, not something that is "roundup ready". She has much interest in drug rehabilitation that is done in a chemical free way, with natural supplements. Dianne is an award winning oil painter and has a following for her creations. She also is writing a book of short stories, is currently on story four of six. Her stories border upon fantasy and science fiction, although science was never her strong suit. She is known in the Edmonton area for her sense of humor, and is known to do the odd comedy routine at Church functions and group gatherings.
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