10 Key Symptoms of Speed Drug Addiction

Speed drug addict 300x199 10 Key Symptoms of Speed Drug Addiction Symptoms of speed drug addiction can be similar to symptoms caused by use of other stimulant drugs. However, when people are addicted to amphetamines and meth, they will exhibit most, if not all, of the following symptoms of speed drug addiction. The intensity of symptoms may depend upon level and frequency of use. Symptoms and meth effects come on rapidly from first use, and intensify with meth addiction.

If you see a loved one exhibiting these symptoms, please find out what is going on with them before it is too late. As needed, get assistance from an effective drug rehab center, such as Narconon.

Key Symtoms

  1. Disruption to normal sleeping patterns. All stimulant drugs will disrupt sleeping rhythms, but the meth high, particularly crystal meth, lasts longer and is more intense that other hard drugs such as cocaine. Similarly, when the crash finally happens – depression is deeper, anxiety more intense, and symptoms of physical distress more overwhelming. Lack of sleep due to meth addiction, elevates feelings of stress, leads to increased levels of cortisol in the body, exacerbates paranoia, and can lead to psychotic behavior.
  2. Loss of appetite. Chronic loss of appetite leads to poor nutrition, increased irritability of the nervous system, hormonal imbalance and premature aging.
  3. Weight loss – occurs due to lack of food, and increased motor activity. People addicted to amphetamines may appear gaunt, their eyes glassy, staring, with the pupils dilated, sometimes with rapid eye movements.
  4. Euphoria, uninhibited behavior and aggressiveness can each occur with amphetamines use.
  5. Increased sex drive and libido. Although paradoxically, using amphetamines can lead to sexual dysfunction, meth effects can include an intense sexual arousal, leading to aggressive or intimidating behavior, and promiscuity.
  6. Irritability, restlessness, anxiety and panic. Hyperarousal and being in “action” mode can make users trigger happy, miss social cues, create misunderstandings about peoples intentions and motivations, and an inability to concentrate or focus on meaningful tasks and work.
  7. Confused, disorganized behavior can occur with methamphetamine use, and this can be intensified when users choose to binge on amphetamines, going for days without sleep. Users might speak incoherently, or appear overly enthusiastic and elated about some event or idea or in withdrawal appear overly depressed and morose.
  8. Hallucinations and convulsions as meth addiction symptoms will indicate that mental function has been impaired by either intense or chronic meth use. Symptoms of schizophrenia have been noted in methamphetamine addicts.
  9. Meth mouth. The chronic use of meth causes tooth decay, and diseases of the gums. Lips might appear to be cracked and sore, cheeks sunken and hollow, with aging lines etched around the eyes, nose and mouth. Methamphetamine addicts look ill, and haggard in their appearance, this being contributed to by the many toxic chemicals used in the preparation of speed drugs. Article about meth mouth from the California dental Association.
  10. Skin, muscle and lung damage. The skin, as result of vitamin deficiencies from drug usage, is the site of much damage with chronic meth use. The face can appear blotchy, and pale, and strong chemical odors are emitted from the skin. Users might complain of “meth bugs” which are caused by nerve damage, and lead the meth addict to scratch and pick at the skin, causing lesions and scarring. Wounds remain open leaving users vulnerable to infection. Muscles waste and can become afflicted by tremors and spasms. Convulsions can occur with chronic meth use. Damage to the tissue of the lungs can occur when meth drug is inhaled – this can lead to permanent breathing difficulties and emphysema.

The Facts About Meth

The facts about meth are that as a powerful stimulant drug, and with addictive use, the body simply suffers a physical and mental “burn out” syndrome, and opportunistic infections and diseases are not warded off by a depleted immune system. Both body and mind become exhausted, and with no opportunity for rest and recovery, damage to the body can become permanent and lead to premature death.

The elevation of stress response chemicals in the body is normally a call to action, particularly a physical response. With continued meth use, and no actual threat or danger to actively engage with and so discharge the high levels of “flight or fight” chemicals in the body, the excess of stress related biochemicals disrupts other hormonal regulation, and can lead to auto immune disorders. Methamphetamine use, effectively puts a toxic stress on the body.

The original “pleasure” obtained from using meth, the euphoria, cannot be maintained with long term use because continued methamphetamine effects cause neurotransmitters and nerve cells, that originally activated such feel good chemicals as serotonin and dopamine, to become dysfunctional and permanently lost. The meth user eventually is unable to produce the chemicals needed to feel positive, secure and happy. Depression, stress and fear become a way of life, with the drug user unable to break free of their addiction. Chronic meth addicts eventually have to use meth simply to try and feel “normal”.  Reference: Meth Effects on the Brain.

Narconon: a Solution to Speed Addiction

People using methamphetamines and anyone observing apparent symptoms of meth addiction in a loved one, can take hope that full recovery from amphetamine use and meth addiction can be achieved – a full return to good health – using the natural, drug-free Narconon alcohol and drug addiction recovery program, offered in Canada by Narconon.

Graduates of the Narconon program testify to having fully recovered from all drug use and drug dependence, including methamphetamines, returning to the community to lead fulfilled and happy lives.

To find out about the qualifications to be able to do the Narconon program, please call 1-877-782-7409.

Meth Addict video by Narconon


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