What are the effects on a Baby if the Father is on Drugs when Conception takes place?

drug abuse and conception What are the effects on a Baby if the Father is on Drugs when Conception takes place?It has been well documented that a Mother who uses drugs while pregnant can mean irreversible damage to a baby. Studies are now showing that a Father who uses drugs at the time of conception can also have negative, even life-threatening effects on the child. While a Father’s drug use cannot cause addiction in the child, it can mutate the DNA which has a direct result on the physical and mental capabilities of the child.

Deformities and retardation can be the result of the Father’s drug use. For years, the Mother was always assumed to be responsible when there was a child born with a deformity or reduced brain function. It is now known that is not always the case. Even if the Mother is drug-free, if the Father uses drugs, it can affect the child. The scope of problem has not yet been realized. Increased deformities have been established but studies are still ongoing.

Drug use or alcoholism by either parent can be detrimental to a conceived child. The Father’s role in birth defects as a result of drug use is being studied widely now. Young people are diagnosed with more and more mental and physical disorders which may be the direct result of the drug use of the Father. Mother’s who use drugs or alcohol while pregnant are now being brought up on criminal charges if the child is born addicted or with a disability. The time will come when the Fathers are brought in and tried for their role in a child’s disability. The responsibility must be fairly divided.

The DNA from both parents determines who the child is. Their eye color and their body formation all come from the combined DNA. A Father who is alcoholic or drug addicted at the time of conception may pass on inferior DNA to the child. This can result in a miscarriage, child deformities and retardation as well as documented cases of other troubles. It was once believed that alcohol or drug use would or could not effect a fetus, but it is now known that it can and does. In fact, any drug or alcohol use by the father within several months of conception can lead to a negative, even deadly effect on the baby.

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  1. Seesawhim says:

    I never knew… I just had to know. :O

  2. mom says:

    I’m trying to find out if the fahter’s previous use of chrystal meth will have negative genetic repercussions for the baby. the father used on and off for ten years and has been clean for two years.

  3. rose says:

    im trying to find out if at the time of conception and during pregnancy the father was unknown to me on crack, what effects does it have on my son? he is now 9 finding out there maybe learning disabilities! need to know also about birth the cord was wrapped around neck 3times, what can i do now? confused,frustrated,angry,helpless,concerned for my child

  4. Ccox Riverside says:

    I am looking for behavior issues in children with father doing drugs at conception.

  5. Faith Abken says:

    Thank you for this article. I have a child that was conceived while his father was doing meth and I didn’t know it. I have had a lot of problems with my son and always knew it has to do with his fathers drug use but no one would ever listen to me.

  6. can anyone say how long one has to abstain before …

  7. roseL. says:

    I am a mother of a 9 year old and a 3 year old. I just found out that at the time my daughter was conceived, the father was using meth and now my 3 year old is a light sleeper, doesn’t sleep at all has tons of energy. Took her to the doctor thinking she has ADD, doctor said she is too young to diagnose. Want to know more information on this, please help.

  8. Laquitta Hutchins says:

    My son is exteemly hyperactive and has these long tantrums. I  also lost a child to the same father and now that I look back it wasnt more than 2 months before each conception that he was using cocaine. I am concerened baout the performance of my son and need help. Do they have studies for this? In Texas?

  9. secret writer says:

    my whole life i though i was just a screw up and cray untill a secret was finaly told i was diagnosed with mpd and schizophrenia (which are not the same thing) multiple things happend in my life that i can remember like it just happend and makes me freak out and become scared of every one around me. when my parents told me (they told me at diffrent times because they are no longer together since i was really young) they were both in tears i dont blame them for anything but im glad i finally know the truth and i hope all parents read this and those who are wanting to become parents. one thing can mess you child’s life up for ever and most the time cant be helped no mater how many doctors you see.make the right choice on your life before you make the choice for some one else’s life.

  10. roman says:

    That’s it? Not very informative. Lets say a young couple early 20s get pregnant .The father is a meth addict but not a frequent user since his lover came into the picture. He managed to get completly sober for a time but recently fell back into using. She is now five months pregnant and meth has been heavily used in the room where they both sleep. Meth was heavily used in the room for a good six months then off n on for another year before she moved in. I am worried that she is getting toxic exposure from either the room, his clothes, bedding ect.Are these realistic concerns and if so what negative effects could it have on the baby, so far everything seems ok with the pregnancy. The only thing is her athsma acts up a little more and his athsma, which hasn’t occured since infancy, is resurfacing, im pretty sure his athsma can be attributed to his drug use. Yes the bedding has been changed regularly over the past few years what concerns me is his sweating next to her, feeling her tummy, holding her, could him even being around her be detrimental to the baby?

  11. david says:

    Are there studies that look at altered DNA content in sperm as a result of drug and/or alcohol use? Is it that the genetic content itself that is altered or the epigenetic content?

  12. Londyn says:

    Wow maybe this is why my daughter was born 3 months early, cuz her dad ny boyfriend is marijuana junkie! Hmmm I know next time we plan to have a child he gone have to be sober from marijuana for a while!

  13. ruth says:

    the father of my child was using deca and sustinon and he slept with me and conceived but what bothers me is will it have a negative effect on the baby and me just curious.

  14. Kmm says:

    My father used heroine, cocaine and marijuana. At age 16 they found a deformity in my gallbladder they stated it was from birth, now at 30 they did an MRI since I suffer from migraines and they found an arachnoid cyst, which is also a birth deformity. Never touched drugs in my life and yet very affected because I am sure they are from my fathers drug use..

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