Successes from the Narconon Communication and Perception Course

familly success Successes from the Narconon Communication and Perception CourseThe 4th part of the Narconon Rehabilitation Program is the Communication and Perception Course. Typically when using drugs, an individual can become very introverted, and will sometimes choose to not communicate any problems which are occuring with them. This can cause a drug addict to feel more shame and guilt about who they are, and the way they feel. This in-depth course of the Narconon program will initially focus on the students getting back into communication with others and the environment around them. This will be followed by special exercises to help the student to take attention off themselves, and putting more focus on their present time environment.

This course greatly raise a student’s perception and ability to handle problems within their life, giving them more control, and making them more aware of where they are.

Here is only a sample of the wins and gains achieved by individuals who have completed the Communication and Perception Course at Narconon:


“These exercises allowed me to do an inventory on what was holding me back in life. Memories of pain, guilt and anger were redirected to their proper places to be rationalized. Upon this realization, that helps you deal with and dissolve your negatives of the past, thus allowing you to be in present time and no longer plague yourself with drugs to forget. I love myself again and I am happy. I have lots to do in this lifetime.” — C.C.


Narconon success Successes from the Narconon Communication and Perception Course“This exercise brought me to realize that perhaps what I have been missing in my life is to accept the greater challenge, not to settle for the easy way out. Finding something that fulfills my inner needs and allows me to succeed towards happiness is a challenge I have accepted.” — D.L.


“This exercise helped me to become aware of the fact that drugs are destroying our society and that I need a strong clear mind to preserve my health, and that my body is precious. I need it to fight for the future of my family and my legacy. This brought my awareness back.” — S.G.


“This process gave me more control of my future… that the choices are all mine. To stand up for myself to get what I want and the respect I deserve.” — S.M.


“I have always had a pattern of limiting/sabotaging my success in all areas of my life. Through this exercise, I was able to understand the exact reasons why. They were discovered by tracing my past success/failures and becoming aware of the elements/keys to my successes that were lacking. This is definitely a life-changing process.” — D.Z.


“Well, this exercise really brought me back to my childhood and out of my anger and sadness I have held onto for years. I realized how I am affected by these things in my life, and I feel a really positive sense of moving on and talking about this openly with my family. I am very happy that I admitted some of my secrets and how these secrets made me feel has changed since doing the process. … I feel like I know more about myself today and I feel like my future is not going to be effected by my past in the same angry, sad way. I am able to understand now more how to really figure out what I will do differently now and what I have to change in myself to make things better.” — L.W.


drug recovery success Successes from the Narconon Communication and Perception Course“This exercise is giving me the ability to accept commands or direction without a feeling of being bossed while working or discussing a subject. This has also enabled me to have better communication and control of my life and other people in the future as well as in the present.” — A.B.


“Reminds me that my life is now in my hands, and the outcome is up to me and that no matter how hard or annoying life gets that I can deal with it accordingly and move on with my life.” — R.K.


“After completing this course I feel I have found myself again. I now have set goals for myself and I am going to reach them at all cost.” – P.L.


“After doing this exercise, I felt very uptight but as time went on, I realized that it is okay to be myself without drugs. I do not need to have drugs to start my day. I can be around people without hiding behind the drugs. I feel so good, able to be in a crowd and not feel so shy. Just be who I am.” – C.V.


Please note that each individual doing the Narconon program experiences their own personal wins and gains and the above statements are personal and are not necessarily experienced by everyone who does the Narconon program.

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