Successes from the Narconon Personal Values and Integrity Course

Narconon Success Successes from the Narconon Personal Values and Integrity Course Normally a person not using drugs will not commit harmful acts against themselves and others. Typically a person is good in nature and does know right from wrong. Unfortunately with drug use, harmful behavior is very common, and does cause a person using drugs to struggle with their own personal values and integrity.

Through very specific application in this course, which is also called the book 6 of the Narconon drug rehab program, individuals will re-discover their own personal morals, ethics, honesty, values, and integrity. This will truly reassure them without a doubt they are a good person. This course will go even further, and help a person eliminate the guilt and remorse caused from committing past harmful acts against themselves and others. Finally, the student will apply extensive information to all aspects of their life. This information will give them the knowledge and control of how one dishonest act towards one area of life can have a negative effect on another area of life. It will further show a student how to prevent these problems from occurring, and how to always be honest and straight with themselves and others. Completing this module of the program gives the recovering addict a greater outlook and awareness towards life, making them capable of living an honest and ethical lifestyle.

Here is only a sample of the wins and gains achieved by individuals who have completed the Personal Values and Intedrity Course at Narconon:


Drug free Succes Successes from the Narconon Personal Values and Integrity Course “This book gave me a real understanding of how important one’s integrity is and how honesty plays such a major role in one’s survival. My eyes are wide open in my relationship with myself to my fellow man. Following a highly ethical lifestyle will be empowering upon everyone involved in my life.” — J.M.


“I have learned to take responsibility for all my actions.” — P.L.


“This book has given me the tools to live. It has enabled me to prosper and grow infinitely and be the super human I know I can be.” — D.Z.


“This course was phenomenal. It opened my eyes and I can apply ethics to my life and all its parts confidently. I look forward to sleeping well and not struggling with my conscience. I feel lighter and really happy.” — S.G.


“This book was huge for me… the best one so far. It made me take a second look at the way I acted at certain times and now I know why. I will better be able to apply ethics to my life now. What a great book.” — M.


“This book has given me a fresh start in life again. It has helped me clean my past actions and taught me how to know what is right and wrong and how to make the right decision.” –E.H.


Success Narconon Trois Riv Successes from the Narconon Personal Values and Integrity Course “This book is really amazing. I have learnt so much. Knowing where I went wrong in one area of my life and how it affected all the other areas was the key. Acknowledging, accepting and now to change them is what I need to be successful. Free of past harmdul acts feels really good too! I feel that I have integrity for the first time.” — T.G.


“Well, what can I say about disclosing my past harmful acts. Well, I have done a lot of bad stuff in my life, but putting it on paper, then getting rid of it is the best thing to happen to me since Narconon itself. These past transgressions have been holding me down for so long that it feels like someone stepping on your shoulders for your whole life, then finally stepping off to free yourself from your burdens. Thanks for the opportunity to let me write these…I fell wonderful.” — S.M.


“Learning about integrity, honesty and ethics has put a reason why these are important and how it drastically affects things in your life and is important to know. I feel spiritually clean now… all aspects of my life are clean… my body, mind and spirit.” — T.S.


“This book really taught me a lot about who I was and where I’m going. Writting my past transgressions helped to clear my past and enabled me to realize the new me is ready to face the real world.” — J.M.

Please note that each individual doing the Narconon program experiences their own personal wins and gains and the above statements are personal and are not necessarily experienced by everyone who does the Narconon program.

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