Alone on the Street


(TO THE HOMELESS AND “STREET PEOPLE”; WITH UNDERSTANDING) I saw him there sitting, just he and his bottle. In a stairwell he was, for again another stay. No one knows better the sidewalks than he. Or those feelings… of loss and the dulling sensation daily from his drink, than he, this castaway. The streets feel […]

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Drugs Will Eat you Alive


For the Teenagers, I am writing this letter to inform you about the Hell I’ve lived through due to drug use. At the age of 10, I started smoking marijuana with some friends all because of curiosity. After marijuana wasn’t giving me enough of a high anymore, I upgraded to acid..ecstasy..cocaine..oxy’s..crack..meth. Getting caught up in […]

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Ryan Leaf–Crimes related to Drug Addictions

Breaking in for drugs

Outside of the crimes that are connected to drug usage by law there are a number of drug related crimes. I am not talking about possession, drug dealing and that sort of thing. I am talking about more violent crimes that we see today in society. I am also talking of the desperate crimes that […]

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Huffing, Is your Child doing this?

teens coniving

Are these boys huffing? Huffing refers to inhaling various toxic inhalants to get a high from them. Most recently computer cleaning spray is being used. A while back you will likely recall warnings about a liquid product called whiteout that was being used. I also believe cooking sprays and other normal everyday things are huffed. […]

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TORONTO POLICE SERVICES, Anti-Violence Summit, Connects with Community


In 2004, Police Chief Julian Fantino and the Toronto Police Services held a summit: “Rallying Toronto against Violence: In Search of Community-Based Solutions.” Key issues were addressed such as Drug Use, Drug Trade, Gangs, Gang Culture, Guns, Social Services, Police, Courts, Public Service Agencies, Underlying Causes that lead people to violence & anti-social behavior. The […]

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Niagara Falls Ontario Youth and Rehabilitation

Niagara Falls City

Problems resulting from drug and alcohol use quickly escalate, leaving the parents unsure of how to proceed. Behaviors become erratic (even more than is normal for teenagers), violence may erupt, school and studies are forsaken and they fall deeper into the drug/alcohol pit. Drug rehabilitation services for Ontario citizens are in place, but many parents avoid contacting them out of misguided guilt, shame, and even ignorance. Many just aren’t sure what they should do, but help is available to parents, 7 days a week.

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Repairing the Damage Done

I Steve Grossi am completing treatment at Narconon. In the past, my drug use had caused harm to myself, the people that I used with, various companies that I worked for and most of all to my good friends and immediate family. I now realize that I’ve caused enough pain and suffering to those parties […]

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Narconon Encourages Parents to Talk Drugs to their Kids

Parent Talks to Kid

Narconon encourages parents to talk drugs to their kids from an early age, and in a natural way. Anything to do with our kids, we like to know about – not be taken by surprise. The time to start talking to kids about drugs is not in panic mode, when you suspect that they are using, but as from an early age. This is a subject that comes up sometimes during general conversation with your child, and it should be considered and discussed.

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To the Youth of Dunnville

I am writing you this letter in regards to drugs use and drug dealing. In my past I have used and sold drugs. At the time I thought this was a productive responsible way of living for me, I WAS WRONG! At the time the life of a drug dealer seemed very glamorous with the […]

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Drive Carefully

Before I came to rehabilitation I was working as a Equipment Operator in Alberta. My drug use has cost me many jobs in one way or another, Either I was high at work or I never got any sleep and did something to cost me my job

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