The Secret Underlying Narconon’s Drug Rehabilitation Program, You are Capable, Always Were.

mind power

The human mind has huge capabilities; above what is commonly imagined.  A great many people have always known this to be true. And the Narconon staff know this too.  It is because of this basic truth that you can overcome alcohol cravings, crack addiction, cocaine need, benzos, heroin use, oxycontin dependance, crystal meth and life’s […]

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Narconon and September 11 Rescue Teams Detox with the Hubbard Method

lady liberty - New York

Freedom from chemical pollution and toxicity is a fundamental human right – for the drug addicts, for disaster rescue workers, for all people today exposed, intentionally or inadvertently, to toxic chemical pollution. The human detoxification methods developed by L. Ron Hubbard contribute to make that freedom a reality.

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Alcohol Abuse and Young Drivers

Young Driver and Alcohol

Narconon’ mandate is to provide support and rehabilitation programs for people with alcohol dependency and addiction problems to achieve permanent recovery. The Narconon program was started by William Benitez in 1966 after beating his own addiction, using the materials in a book from humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. The Drug and alcohol rehabilitation program is now used internationally to effectively help addicts and alcoholics to effectively recover and live happy without drug or alcohol.

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Narconon Canada Steps Up its Anti Drink Driving Campaign with New PSAs

Drug rehab and drug education non profit redoubles its offensive against drinking and driving in Canada TROIS-RIVIERES, Quebec – The drug rehabilitation centre and drug education non profit organization, Narconon, today steps up its anti drink driving campaign with the release of its new Public Service Announcement video “Drinking and Driving in Canada”. The video […]

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