How Many People Can You Help?

Expect Drug Rehab

A question I asked myself everyday, realistically you have the mind set that you will be able to help everyone, and you will be able to help everyone get the Narconon program. This wasn’t always the reality, I was able to help a great deal of people get the program and achieve a drug free […]

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Narconon Canada, a Real Deal Insight Part 1

It's a hard life.

I could tell a story of a ten year drug and alcohol addiction, but quite honestly it would turn out to be a long drawn out melodramatic train wreck after another. Sharing how hard ships are overcome and telling tales of ridiculous irresponsibility always makes for a good read, but this isn’t the purpose here. […]

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Narconon Canada, Some History

Canadian Flag

Narconon drug rehabilitation and education services first came to Ontario, Canada in 1970.  At the time heroin use and addiction had become a major situation in the country and thus several Canadians, having learned of the Narconon methods being used in USA decided to put this to use in Canada. From that point one began […]

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What is Narconon? How does it work?


By Brad Melnychuk People often want to know what Narconon drug rehabilitation is. Well here’s the story: Narconon began in 1966 when an Arizona State Prison inmate named William Benitez was attempting to quit his heroin addiction.   In the prison library he came across a book written by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.  The book […]

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Letter From a 1970s Narconon Staff Member

Holistic Drug Rehab Centers

Hi Brad,I do have a few pieces that with a little search I should be able to locate. Not everything has been saved. The poem which I mentioned called “Addict” was written in mid 1970s based upon real experience of student Jim M leaving course. Later that afternoon I found him at Norm’s Grill in […]

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Narconon Graduates, Ontario, Canada

brad_melnychuk_winnipeg forks2

There are probably over 300 graduates of the Narconon program in Ontario.  There also are graduates in Alberta, in Quebec, in British Columbia and Manitoba.  Their ages range from 19 to 60.  These are persons who had at one time or another needed addiction treatment. Some were cocaine users, some heroin, crack, crystal meth, oxycontin […]

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Family member is an addict? Alcohol? Cocaine? Pain killers? Prescription drug?

Drug Addicted Life

Do you know anyone who seems addicted to Alcohol? Cocaine? Pain killers? Or they might be using another prescribed drug which is supposed to relieve the withdrawal symptoms of some different drug but then stay on that prescription one instead. These are common addicts and often live in your own household, or in your family […]

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He Beats his Wife, But She Loves Him

Alcoholic Parents Fight

John Crown is a wonderful man, or was when he first married. Now he does cocaine, crack, drinks too much and abuses his wife; verbally and physically. Anna however never forgot the man she originally married; how kind he was to her, in the past, and so much fun too, back then. She loved her […]

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An Alcoholic Husband, and His Wife

Walking away from alcoholic drug addict

Claude is an alcoholic; a drinker. His wife, Marie, attends Al-Anon meetings; to be with families of alcoholics because her husband drinks. Claude has often told Marie he has quit drinking. But he keeps a bottle hidden in the tool shed. She smells the liquor on his breath anyway. He goes out after work with […]

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Ontario, Canada Addiction Treatment, Paid or Not


If you look through search engines for Addiction Treatment in Ontario, you could find literally 100s of drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. Many of them are fee-for-service I.E. not paid by Ontario Substance Abuse Bureau (OSAB) or Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP), or another government or non-government funding source. You will also find drug rehab […]

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