Drugs Will Eat you Alive


For the Teenagers, I am writing this letter to inform you about the Hell I’ve lived through due to drug use. At the age of 10, I started smoking marijuana with some friends all because of curiosity. After marijuana wasn’t giving me enough of a high anymore, I upgraded to acid..ecstasy..cocaine..oxy’s..crack..meth. Getting caught up in […]

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OxyContin Addiction: A Short and Sorrowful Road

OxyContin Addict

Even though this is grim and seems all hopeless, there is a way out. Many people who have fallen in the trap of Oxy addiction, have found their way back to a bright and drug-free life. Of course, to beat an addiction is no walk in the park, but it is still less hard than being a slave to pills for the rest of your life. Since 1966, Narconon has been helping addicts all around the world to free themselves from addiction without the use of any drug substitution.

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To all teenagers

Doing drugs is not the right decision to make in life. I am now 26 in rehab for oxy’s.  This all stemmed from me smoking weed when I was fifteen.  Once I tried weed I liked it and I thought I was cool.  Then I wasn’t afraid to try other drugs from weed to shroomz, […]

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Oxy Drug Rehab Centers Have Solutions to Oxycontin Addiction

Oxy drug rehab centres are plenty. Many people admit themselves to rehab centers but are not addicted to oxycontin. There is a thin line between dependent and addicted individuals and either one can be treated at oxy drug rehab facility. All rehab centres put the person who is addicted into a very important mental and medical assessment to better treat them. If you are addicted to oxycontin then your rehabilitation will involve a…

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Oxycontin addiction Problem in Regina, Saskatchewan

I am writing this to inform everyone out there about how serious Oxycontin actually is in Regina. It is a new epidemic and many, many people are becoming very addicted. Not everyone knows about it, it’s a hidden disease and people are ashamed …

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What You Should Know About Oxycontin Abuse

Because of the growing number of people dying due to Oxycontin abuse, it is important to know that because this particular drug contains Oxycodone in its purest form, it is often abused. It is not mixed with an over the counter analgesic like most other pain medications and therefore is more likely to be abused. People by-pass the time-release action

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