Drugs Will Eat you Alive


For the Teenagers, I am writing this letter to inform you about the Hell I’ve lived through due to drug use. At the age of 10, I started smoking marijuana with some friends all because of curiosity. After marijuana wasn’t giving me enough of a high anymore, I upgraded to acid..ecstasy..cocaine..oxy’s..crack..meth. Getting caught up in […]

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Why People Shouldn’t Cheat on their Spouses

First of all, when cheating on your spouse, girlfriend or partner, one is put in an un-ethical position with his/her significant other. One loses the trust and respect of the other person and one has to live with the guilt, damage and pain one has caused, not only his spouse but also the family. Being […]

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To Workers Who Are Dishonest

Do not tell harmful lies. When I was fifteen, I worked for my grandfather at a gas station. We were allowed to charge for items but not cash – I would charge for cash, and use it for drugs. I lied to him about this. Harmful lies are the product of fear, malice, and envy. […]

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Alcohol Addiction – The Compulsion to Drink, in Canada

Alcohol and Stress

Alcohol addiction and the compulsion to drink arise from emotional tension that is caused by a perception of stress. When a person is under pressure, and they are feeling stressed, it is always a result of conflicting demands that for one reason or another, they find it hard to prioritize. In Canada, the compulsion to drink is known as binge drinking, and the practice is widespread: see article from Statistics, Canada

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OxyContin Addiction

Side Effects of OxyContin on the nervous system

Unlike its predecessor, Hydrocodone, OxyContin does not contain any aspirin or paracetamol. It contains nothing but Oxycodone, which increases the likelihood of dependence on the drug, and abuse. Suddenly stopping the drug leads to severe withdrawal.

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