OxyContin and the Unsuspecting Patient

prescription drugs

I happened across a copy of a transcript  from a round table  held May 5, 2009 from the FDA in regards to oxycontin and other painkiller that are prescribed.  Quite by accident I found the story of Ms. Tully who was relating her story of her experience with the drug.  She had at that time […]

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Celebrities We Have Lost to Addiction Deaths.


prescription drugs Move over Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston has come to join you! Whitney, and the multitude of other celebrities that died due to drug addictions, street drugs, or in many cases prescription drug addictions. In researching the deaths of celebrities due to drug addictions, my heart became heavy. Society let these celebrities down. They […]

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Kids, Drugs and Back to School

teens coniving

The drug challenge for school kids in Canada today appears to be, not so much shady dealers in cocaine, or pushers of heroin hovering around the schoolyard, but the alcohol and drugs to be found in the family home, and the all pervasive “soft” drug marijuana. The facts about drugs in schools is that most drugs sold and exchanged in schools are sourced from family and friends, medical drugs that are widely used and prescribed, and to be found in the family home.

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What is Being done to Stop Pharmacy Robberies and How Narconon Can Help

Pharmacy Robbery

According to a recent article 6/2/11 in the New York Times, the high incidence of pharmacy robberies is causing some pharmacy owners to take extreme measures in an attempt to remedy and reduce high levels of pharmacy robbery. It is said that in some cities, such as Tulsa, Oklahoma there are now more pharmacy robberies […]

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What to Look For In Drug Rehab Centers?

Finding a suitable drug rehab center for treating an addiction is something that many people struggle with. One of the reasons why this is such a difficult process is that many people do not understand what to look for in a quality treatment center. There are plenty of different rehabilitation centers for both drugs and alcohol that it can get quite confusing. Each drug rehab center has different programs for specific drugs, staff, cost, and effectiveness.

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Teens and Prescription Drug Abuse

Forty years ago teenagers were into LSD, PCP, smoking marijuana and using speed. Not so much today. Although illicit drug use is still common among teens and adults, prescription drugs have become the main substance being used by teenagers to get high. Why? And what kind of drug addiction rehab is best for young people?

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