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Brantford alcohol and substance abuse

Alcohol addiction, although less addressed than drug abuse, is a major problem throughout Canada. Alcoholism, and the negative effects thereof, does not gain the attention of many people unless there is a tragedy. Reading the local paper, one might initially think the number of stories related to alcohol is average. That is, until the fact that the population of Brantford is only approximately 150,000. While Brantford may not be the city with the worse alcohol statistics, it would certainly be beneficial for residents to take notice of the rise in alcohol related incidents and statistics.

According to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health; one in ten Canadians over the age of 15 report symptoms which are consistent with substance abuse. Applying that math to Brantford, it would be about 1,500 residents with those symptoms. A quick look at the signs and symptoms of alcoholism reveals that not only are people with alcohol addictions a danger to themselves, but to the rest of the community. No one wins with alcoholism; not the alcoholic, their family, or their city. Too often it is swept under the rug. Too often people turn their heads to the simple truth that someone they know may be an alcoholic. Denial for the substance abuser is to be expected, however, denial by everyone else is contributory.

alcohol abuse in Brantford

While the police may be fortunate enough to catch a drunk driver on occasion, it is frightening to speculate how many other impaired drivers were on the road that did not get caught. Police and the court system can only do so much when it comes to substance abuse. The answer to ending alcoholism isn’t through the legal system, but through alcohol addiction treatment. Help for alcoholics is available, and it does work. Even if the alcoholic does not realize they need help, those around them do. Friends and loved ones are encouraged to speak with substance abuse centers and find out what they can do.

Too many people suffer alcohol related problems and regret that they didn’t act sooner. Alcohol abuse does not just disappear; someone must act for it to stop. There is no shame in seeking help for yourself or a loved one. In fact, such an act is admirable. It shows strength, determination, and a great deal of respect. Help is often what the alcoholic knows they need, but he or she doesn’t want to admit they have a problem. Help for alcoholics can be only a phone call away.

Brantford, Ontario, like all other cities in the world, has to take a stand against alcoholism. Rehabilitation is much more successful than punishment when it comes to addiction. If an alcoholic refuses to get help for themselves, there is always intervention. Too often, citizens read headlines such as “Alcohol related car accident claims life”. How refreshing it would be to instead read “Alcohol rehabilitation saves life”. Even if it doesn’t make the headlines, it can still become a reality for those who deal with alcoholism every day of their life.

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