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Has a drug or alcohol addiction caused pain and anguish in your life?  Are you tired of searching the Internet for drug rehab centers, while the condition of your loved one is possibly getting worse?

Finding a high quality drug and alcohol rehabilitation center can be a difficult task for a family.  Here at Narconon, you will find a long term, successful, and drug-free program.

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Upon arrival, you or your loved one will be closely monitored through the drug-free withdrawal program unique to Narconon, where the mental and physical symptoms of withdrawal are eased using vitamines and mineral supplements along with special assistance procedures.

Our holistic-like program includes a 100% natural biophysical detox.  Our biophysical program is a natural sauna detoxification, cleansing the body of the poisons and toxins left behind from drug and alcohol use.

Our residential drug rehab facility is located in a distraction free environment, which allows our clients to focus on their program to truely learn how to live drug-free.

Our in-depth life improvement courses help the recovering addicts to regain complete control of their life.  It will give them the abilities and skills to remain drug-free, and prevent relapse.

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With admission being able to happen right away, Narconon counselors are available to speak with you seven days a week.  With no waiting list, and availability 365 days a year, our Narconon addiction rehab center is the best choice for a family in need.

Call us or fill in the online consultation form now for more information.

Narconon Substance Abuse Recovery Stories

Will success with Narconon drug treatment program
Long-term success for T.F. with Narconon drug rehab
Drug rehabiltation success for N.H. in Narconon drug abuse treatment center
Narconon efficient drug rehab program for D.D.

"I wasn't like the average 17 year old. I ran away from home at 15. I was still in high school. I grew up rough, a lot rougher than most people should have to. I sold drugs in high school to put food in my belly and a roof over my head..." Read more

"I began smoking pot and doing LSD in early 1991 in east Vancouver. Mainly this was due to estrangement from my father and my mother was living in the states. My father committed suicide on my birthday in 1993 and I began using cocaine, methamphetamines and heroin..." Read more

"It is officially one year clean today, one year to this day that I was losing my life and watching myself die in Vancouver, the last city I knew I was going to be in. I was at the end of it all when I came across Narconon..." Read more

"All of my addiction to heroin led me to hurt my family and anyone and everyone who I came in contact with. I was addicted to heroin and crack for over 12 years. My story is a long one, but to make it short, the end of my addiction ended me living on the streets..." Read more

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Our drug alcohol rehab program has helped thousands of addicts to recover and regain controle of their lives

Many Narconon clients have gone to 12 step and cognitive programs in the past, but were unable to remain drug-free.

Our comprehensive drug rehabilitation program treats addiction at its source. Our substance abuse treatment program includes a sauna detoxification method for the body and courses designed to give the drug addict the wherewithal to see for themselves where they went wrong, shows them that it is possible to self-correct and remain sober throughout their lives.

We endorse the philosophy that drug addiction is the result of bad choices or an inability to deal with specific circumstances and emotion. Our substance abuse treatment includes two major components:

Our unique 100% natural inpatient drug rehabilitation program does not use substitute drugs so our clients do not depend on medication for the rest of their lives.

The philosophy behind our drug rehab program is that an individual is responsible for the condition his/her life is in, no matter how harsh life has been and, with proper tools and help, the individual will come back on top and live a happy and productive life.

Finding an Effective Drug Rehab Center

Many drug rehab programs currently being offered at different substance abuse treatment facilities worldwide include the use of various types of drugs to remove the so-called drug addiction disease. Nonetheless, this type of approach is only effective to a certain extent. The initial goal of a drug addict seeking help is to be rid of drugs, for good.

So why treat a drug addiction, with more drugs? No one enjoys, much less wishes, to be dependent on medication or other illicit drugs their whole lives. The Narconon drug rehab program addresses this issue with its unique biophysical, 100% natural and drug-free rehabilitation program.


Finding the right drug treatment centre can be difficult. Many rehabilitation centers offer services that you don't really need. The Narconon drug rehab centre offers services that are directly related to the drug addict's drug or alcohol abuse recovery.

A Drug-Free Addiction Rehab Center

The Narconon drug rehab program has proven for over 45 years that its completely drug-free and long-term rehabilitation program works. Our expertise and unique technology allow us to provide comprehensive drug addiction methods that use no substitute drugs, and provide the drug addict with the necessary tools to go on and live a stable, balanced and productive life. All of this, drug-free of course.

The drug rehabilitation program of Narconon gets results. Narconon has helped thousands of individuals worldwide to go on to live productive, drug-free lives. The positive reviews on Narconon show the effectiveness of the program.

Narconon videos

Narconon testimonials from graduates of the Narconon drug rehab program

For more information about the Narconon rehab program, call
or fill out the online consultation form.

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Narconon - True Drug Rehab

Narconon videos

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Effective Treatment Needed in Ontario

  With such a large province and so many people abusing drugs, effective treatment options are surely needed.   If you are reading this post send us a reply stating where you live in Ontario, what kind of treatment options have you seen or heard of, and what kind of help are you looking for.

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I learned when delivering a workshop some days ago that people do not know that withdrawal symptoms, and physical cravings for more drugs, come for the most part from malnutrition I.E. lack of proper food and more precisely, lack of specific vitamins and minerals.   The cycle goes like this:  One feels stressed (some pressure, […]

Drug Intervention Story

There was no length I would not go when it came to helping a family with their loved one, and interventions were a common occurrence.  When a family is already spending upwards of over $20,000 for treatment, the added cost of hiring an intervention group isn’t always possible.  One in particular that really stood out […]

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A question I asked myself everyday, realistically you have the mind set that you will be able to help everyone, and you will be able to help everyone get the Narconon program. This wasn’t always the reality, I was able to help a great deal of people get the program and achieve a drug free […]

Working at a Narconon

        To really sum it up, it is the most challenging and rewarding work a person could do.  You are working in a field where the sole purpose is to help people, more specifically help people beat alcohol and drug addiction.  Every single day I worked there I was face with a […]

You Haven’t Lived until You’ve Worked in Drug Rehab

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