Processed Food. Packaged goods. Drugs. We depend on It.

processed foods

Have you ever stopped and looked at all the foods and goods that we just assume we need? There are crackers which come wrapped in plastic, and in a box. There is cheese, prepared for us and available in the store. You find prepared breads available in bags; rye bread, whole wheat bread, pumpernickel bread […]

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Effective Treatment Needed in Ontario


  With such a large province and so many people abusing drugs, effective treatment options are surely needed.   If you are reading this post send us a reply stating where you live in Ontario, what kind of treatment options have you seen or heard of, and what kind of help are you looking for.

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Vitamins used to counter Cravings, Narconon

drug education lecturer

I learned when delivering a workshop some days ago that people do not know that withdrawal symptoms, and physical cravings for more drugs, come for the most part from malnutrition I.E. lack of proper food and more precisely, lack of specific vitamins and minerals.   The cycle goes like this:  One feels stressed (some pressure, […]

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Drug Intervention Story

Prescription Drugs Addiction

There was no length I would not go when it came to helping a family with their loved one, and interventions were a common occurrence.  When a family is already spending upwards of over $20,000 for treatment, the added cost of hiring an intervention group isn’t always possible.  One in particular that really stood out […]

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How Many People Can You Help?

Expect Drug Rehab

A question I asked myself everyday, realistically you have the mind set that you will be able to help everyone, and you will be able to help everyone get the Narconon program. This wasn’t always the reality, I was able to help a great deal of people get the program and achieve a drug free […]

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Working at a Narconon

Portrait of a group of business people laughing against white ba

        To really sum it up, it is the most challenging and rewarding work a person could do.  You are working in a field where the sole purpose is to help people, more specifically help people beat alcohol and drug addiction.  Every single day I worked there I was face with a […]

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You Haven’t Lived until You’ve Worked in Drug Rehab


A friend once told me, “Brad, you haven’t lived until you’ve worked in Drug Rehab.” I didn’t know what he meant until I did stay and work at a Drug Rehabilitation centre for weeks at a time, several times. There is the story of the client there who smiled and shook my hand and told me […]

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Narconon Canada, a Real Deal Insight Part 1

It's a hard life.

I could tell a story of a ten year drug and alcohol addiction, but quite honestly it would turn out to be a long drawn out melodramatic train wreck after another. Sharing how hard ships are overcome and telling tales of ridiculous irresponsibility always makes for a good read, but this isn’t the purpose here. […]

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Narconon Canada, Some History

Canadian Flag

Narconon drug rehabilitation and education services first came to Ontario, Canada in 1970.  At the time heroin use and addiction had become a major situation in the country and thus several Canadians, having learned of the Narconon methods being used in USA decided to put this to use in Canada. From that point one began […]

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Canada Geese don’t take Drugs

Canada Goose in Park

The Canada Goose exist by the billions across Canada and USA. They are an icon of the landscape. You even see some hanging out in the icy cold Canadian and Northern US winters. They live off the land. And they do not take drugs like humans do. They take no medications (unless a human decides […]

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