How Many People Can You Help?

Expect Drug Rehab

A question I asked myself everyday, realistically you have the mind set that you will be able to help everyone, and you will be able to help everyone get the Narconon program. This wasn’t always the reality, I was able to help a great deal of people get the program and achieve a drug free […]

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Working at a Narconon

Portrait of a group of business people laughing against white ba

        To really sum it up, it is the most challenging and rewarding work a person could do.  You are working in a field where the sole purpose is to help people, more specifically help people beat alcohol and drug addiction.  Every single day I worked there I was face with a […]

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Narconon Canada, a Real Deal Insight Part 1

It's a hard life.

I could tell a story of a ten year drug and alcohol addiction, but quite honestly it would turn out to be a long drawn out melodramatic train wreck after another. Sharing how hard ships are overcome and telling tales of ridiculous irresponsibility always makes for a good read, but this isn’t the purpose here. […]

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Canada Geese don’t take Drugs

Canada Goose in Park

The Canada Goose exist by the billions across Canada and USA. They are an icon of the landscape. You even see some hanging out in the icy cold Canadian and Northern US winters. They live off the land. And they do not take drugs like humans do. They take no medications (unless a human decides […]

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The Secret Underlying Narconon’s Drug Rehabilitation Program, You are Capable, Always Were.

mind power

The human mind has huge capabilities; above what is commonly imagined.  A great many people have always known this to be true. And the Narconon staff know this too.  It is because of this basic truth that you can overcome alcohol cravings, crack addiction, cocaine need, benzos, heroin use, oxycontin dependance, crystal meth and life’s […]

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Rambling Thoughts on What I do!

New Beginning

One of the wonderful things about my work, writing blogs and articles for Narconon is feeling fulfilled by what I do. I was never involved in the drug industry at any time of my life, so I don’t really know what it is like to be an addict. Unless of course you are looking at […]

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Narconon’s Sauna and Niacin Detoxification Program Reduces Drug Cravings


Narconon addiction treatment centers world-wide have accumulated hundreds of successes from detoxifying the body of drugs and toxins using the evidence based New Life Detoxification Program.  Professional studies documented evidence of the removal from the body of stored cocaine, amphetamine, benzodiazepine (benzos), heroin and other foreign particles and poisons; which in turn markedly reduce drug […]

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Ryan Leaf–Crimes related to Drug Addictions

Breaking in for drugs

Outside of the crimes that are connected to drug usage by law there are a number of drug related crimes. I am not talking about possession, drug dealing and that sort of thing. I am talking about more violent crimes that we see today in society. I am also talking of the desperate crimes that […]

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Why Narconon is Successful in Drug Rehab

Narconon Recognitions

The question of how long drug residues stay in the body has been a bit of a puzzle to many people. I have heard various answers. Some say 7 days. Some say hours. This is incorrect. There is scientific evidence that residues of drugs do not expel completely out of the body. The body, being […]

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OxyContin and the Unsuspecting Patient

prescription drugs

I happened across a copy of a transcript  from a round table  held May 5, 2009 from the FDA in regards to oxycontin and other painkiller that are prescribed.  Quite by accident I found the story of Ms. Tully who was relating her story of her experience with the drug.  She had at that time […]

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